Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Almost Time to Walk for a Great Cause

Sammy and E at Montefiore Hospital
On November 6th, two things will happen.  The first is my turning 40!  I am not used to that idea and find it a little hard to accept that I'm leaving my thirties.  The second is a major event for our family:  the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's annual Light the Night (LTN) walk.  In the Zweig household, November 6th is henceforth known as SuperSammy day, rather than my birthday, as we will be walking in our orange shirts to raise money for children just like Sammy. 

Peter, our dear friend, will be walking also with his team, The Warriors.  Together we hope to make an impressive display of red Warrior shirts and orange SuperSammy shirts as we walk and have fun at this event.  Sammy has invited his clinic team of doctors and nurses, all the students in his class, Jack's class, the fourth grade and the fifth grade.  We also have Sammy's preschool, Little Friends, fundraising and joining us in our walk.  Friends and family will be there...huge support.  This walk is special:  Sammy will NOT spend it in the hospital this year (I hope), and he sees it as a huge celebration of how far he has come...he can do something for someone else now. 

Jimmy Locust, my dance teacher and a professional dancer and master teacher, will be at the walk with his dancers (not my group), to dance on stage in support of LTN.  We are all rallying to support all our friends who are fighting cancer. 

We will walk to honor Sammy and Peter, of course, but also many others who have become such a huge part of our lives:  Giovanni, Sammy's friend who has a similar leukemia; E, who is Sammy's age and is at the same point in his treatment of leukemia as Sam.  J, who we shared a room with and has undergone surgery on his leg to remove a tumor and is continuing the fight; K, who has so many infections due to treatment, she is constantly sick; M, who arrives at the clinic with his grandmother each week and is making wonderful progress despite the gruelling protocol he is on.  Then there is M, an adult...a firefighter...who we met at the beginning and was done with treatment, until the tumors came back and he is now starting treatment all over again!  J, who passed away a few weeks ago; his fight is done, his life will always be remembered and celebrated.  He fought for three and a half years and decided it was time to let go. There are so many more wonderful children I have met over the past year who are fighting to live and become strong again.  We are walking for them, to help find a cure! 

Please join us as we walk:

Saturday, November 6, 2010
Rye Playland, NY
Fun, food and fireworks!  Join Sammy's team or just mingle and enjoy!  SuperSammy t.shirts will be handed out to our supporters.

Donations can be made directly to the LLS at the walk or in Sammy's honor at the link below.


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