Friday, September 30, 2011

Two Minutes Is All It Might Take

As we come to the end of Childhood Cancer Awareness month, let me ask one more favor from you.

Children are diagnosed much later than many adults because doctors just don't look for cancer in the young, or they don't recognize symptoms until the cancer has spread.  In addition, children are given treatments which are fifty years old...protocols have changed and survival has improved, but the late-effects can be debilitating.

Yet the national government allocates a minuscule amount of cancer research funds towards childhood cancers.  ALL childhood cancers get about 2% of all funding provided for cancer research.

If you would like to help remind the government that this situation is unacceptable, especially as tomorrow between 35-47 children will be newly diagnosed, please click on the link to sign the petition to the White House to increase funding for childhood cancer research.!/petition/keep-kids-alive-allocate-more-funds-towards-childhood-cancer-research/8ZnnxNgw

I did it....I am AWARE of childhood cancer...I have watched my son go through hell.  Please take the two minutes needed to sign the petition: also so we might prevent other children...sadly not the 35 kids diagnosed tomorrow or the 35 diagnosed the next day....but maybe we can help the children who will be diagnosed a year from now....only they will be caught early enough to avoid the ravishing chemo and radiation that render a tiny body limp and helpless.  Or they might be blessed with new treatment options, a new drug, or a therapy that eliminates some of the pain.  This will only happen if the funding is there, so please help that become reality for the children who will have cancer!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Katy xxxx

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sammy's Big News!

Sammy only has less than a month until he's off treatment.  In a couple more months he is going to have his port taken out.  That's when it's PARTY TIME!  

These are Sammy's words.  He wanted to tell you all himself!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Yankees - full of cancer but we didn't know it yet

Today, two years ago, right about his time, I took my Sammy to the ER. The doctor told me he had cancer! Our lives changed forever. I still remember every moment of being told that diagnosis...EXACTLY what the doctor looked like, how Sammy was sitting on the bed looking up at me wondering what was going on, where the phone was across the room, what the wallpaper border looked like! 

Today is our diagnosis anniversary...but more importantly, our STILL ALIVE anniversary! Sammy, you rock!

The above is my FB update...

Sleeping during the first weeks of chemo in hospital

I feel strange about the whole thing.  I am taking the good and rolling with it, yet still my heart breaks too often.  Steroids are coming up and I dread it. least we are still giving the steroids and not mourning the loss of a fantastic boy.  Tonight I will remember the first night....I wish I could block it out forever.  I don't mean to dwell on is just something I cannot shake from my mind right now.  

Another stay in hospital - our second home during the first year

I am experiencing something many know too well....'survivor guilt'.  Yup, I should be over the moon, grateful, making the most of it all, but I feel guilty that seven mothers that I know about are not able to worry about steroids any more.  They talk to their child in Heaven! Yet I am so grateful to all those who celebrated our two year mark...they saw it as a good thing and, believe me, so do I!  But celebrating the fact your son is still alive SUCKS!  It means he was dying.  

Sammy is so used to the clinic he can goof around now!

Here ends my negative rant about a positive day....we caught the evil monster before it took Sammy...we are beating it to a pulp....Sammy is the bravest kid I know and his brother, Jack, is beyond compassionate, patient and loving.  They both grew up too quickly, but they are both amazing people.  So let's celebrate!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Men of Steel, Hearts of Gold

I frequent the site of a beautiful young cancer survivor who has been traveling to promote her book about her journey through leukemia,  Melinda Marchiano 
and came across a link that made me smile, cry and rejoice...all at the same time.  

During construction of the Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Research Laboratories in 1996 adjacent to the YCCC site, construction workers performed a similar honor – painting hundreds of kids' names along with smiley faces and messages like "IRONWORKERS THINK YOU'RE GREAT."
The workers were so moved by the children who peeked out at them from the clinic windows that they "passed the hard hat" weekly to collect cash donations for the Jimmy Fund.

This is now being repeated and children are being immortalized on steel as a new construction goes up for the Dana Farber Institute.  Sammy's protocol is Dana Farber.

It is a beautiful thing when a suffering child can be made to smile again.  

September is CHILD CANCER AWARENESS MONTH -  what can you do to bring a smile to the face of a child with cancer?  Some of you may only need to walk up to him or her and tell them you love them.  They are your children and you need no month to remind you that they have cancer.  Some of you may know a child with cancer and will send them a card wishing them well, reminding them how much you think and care about them.  Others may not  know anyone personally but might make a small donation to a charity that helps children fight and survive.  
A very small percentage will do nothing.
Goof-ball AKA- Superman Sammy!

On Sammy's behalf, we thank you for all the cards, gifts, visits, letters, donations, love and support.  Without these he would not now be able to smile through the treatments, he would not have the fight in him that he does. Today Sammy fights for others and is an inspiration to those who meet him.  You have no idea how much your small token of love did to change the world!   


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