Saturday, September 13, 2014

Five Years Ago Today....

First day of Kindergarten

Five years ago today, my world changed.  My son, a kindergartner of only two days, was rushed to CHAM to begin treatment for High Risk Leukemia.  But we had woken up that morning thinking the world was a safe and lovely place.  School had just started and we were all excited.  Sammy was finally part of it all, a big kid at elementary school...he had so much to learn and so many friends to meet.  Except he didn't....

The rest is history.  The blog details the horrors of the first night, the feeling of despair, the heartache and constant readmissions.

Five long ago....exactly half Sammy's lifetime ago.

Today I allow myself to remember...I don't need to re-read the is all still an open wound if I let it be.  Only today...only today will I allow myself to dwell on the past.  Tomorrow I will get back to living in the present and fighting to kick cancer's ass with awareness and fundraising.  I don't do it for Sammy...I do it for those who are fighting and are about to fight.

Here is a brief look back at then...and a few pictures celebrating how far my hero has come!

Just after initial admittance - there was still some hair under that hat!

Neutropenia meant keeping Sammy germ free! 

Sammy in school...he made it into Kindergarten for about 6 weeks out of the whole year. 

Spiderman's Hero

Superman Sammy at the LTN Walk

Graduation from elementary school

Goofing around with moi!  

Doing what kids do...

"I just want to be a NORMAL kid" - Sammy 2014

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  1. Hi Katy! I responded to your Google message, and then came over here to find the update on Sammy. So great to see all the current photos.

    Here is my message from Google+--not sure how best to reach you. Katy--hi!!!! I almost missed your message because I never use Google+. Best to reach me by email or FB. I do think about you and Sammy and I've wondered how he's doing. So VERY happy to hear that he has made his 5 year anniversary. What a story for you to tell his children and for him to tell his grandchildren!
    I'm doing fine. I miss my blog sometimes, too, and I think about starting something new. We'll see. This has been a year of quiet contemplation and reflection.
    I hope you will send me a photo of Sammy. And his brother, too. How old are they now? And what are they up to? You seem to be up to a jewelry business--how is that going?
    Thank you SOOOO much for getting in touch. It really meant a lot to me.
    Blessings to you and your family this holiday season. All the best, Galen


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