Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nutrition for Kids with Cancer

Feeding a family is difficult. Everyone is so fussy: they like things this way or that way, but never the way you have actually made it.  Imagine your taste-buds are totally changed, your stomach and gastrointestinal tract is raw and blistered, you throw up regularly, and your hair has fallen out!  You have cancer and now nothing you are presented with looks appetizing.
Now a company, cofounded by Jessica Welsch called The HopeFULL Company is creating meals that will provide essential nutrients to chemo-ravaged bodies as well as those suffering other illnesses, through meals that are actually appealing and easy to eat.  Please consider supporting their Kickstart drive to get this wonderful business funded.  If I had this resource two years ago, I am sure Button would not be facing the post-treament issues he has now.  Please click on the button to make a pledge ASAP….there are only four days left!

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  1. What a wonderful concept. I have never had cancer, but when I was a young adult, I was very sick and in the hospital for six weeks. I didn't want to eat anything. My dad would make very special milkshakes for me full of good stuff I didn't know about, pack them in ice, and bring them to me in the hospital. It was the only thing I would eat.


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