Saturday, February 16, 2013

Memory Lapse

Sammy Performing his Science Experiment

I come to this blog far too infrequently now.  Maybe it is because I don't need the therapy it offered during treatment.  I do know, however, that many people will be looking for information about life after I need to update a little.

Sammy hardly shows any signs of having cancer.  No one at his school even knows about it apart from the teacher and nurse.  He would like to keep it that way and we are honoring that request.

Sammy went sledding for the first time EVER this winter.  Finally free of his port, and osteopenia a thing of the past, he was delighted that the weather gave us a ridiculous amount of the white powdered stuff.  I watched with great pleasure as he zoomed down hills, bouncing on bumps and flying past trees, all while smiling from ear to ear.  I was surprised by how little I allowed myself to worry about this.  You might think that, having almost lost my son, I would be crazily over-protective.  It has had almost the opposite effect on me...I say, live life HARD!  Enjoy all that you can...why not?

I watched my little guy swim with such power, each stroke a tribute to how he has managed to get his muscles working again, a sense of pride and determination as he sped through the water.  I no longer rush to explain to the instructor that Sammy can't lift his arms above his head, or that he needs extra time between lengths.  In fact, if truth be told, I am the proud mama watching her son swim at the top of his class...mastering the strokes easily, swimming harder and faster than anyone else.  Oh...I am gonna shout that one from the rooftops :)

Academics are another area of immense pride.  Sammy is at or above grade level and demonstrates an amazing ability to retain information. He was the proud recipient of an A+ for his Science Fair project.  He loves to read, has mathematical understanding, and can articulate his thoughts incredibly well.  In addition, he has a rare drive to really achieve in school.  He is responsible and often reminds me to sign things.  I'm not sure where he got that last one from.

Imagine my surprise, as we were sitting together today,  Sammy showed that he really didn't remember something.  I had asked him about the pain he felt with his neuropathy.  He had gone through most of the treatment years on Neurontin for the excruciating pain in his feet.  But Sammy floored me when he casually shrugged and said he didn't remember any pain like that.  My jaw dropped.  I thought he would never forget it.  He cried so much with it.  I cried so much with it.  Yet, it may as well never have happened.  Thankfully, Sammy has moved on and left some things well behind.

Today we are off to enjoy the sunny skies of Florida.  We have not been on vacation since the trip to Disney for Sammy's wish three years ago.  We are very excited to all be happy, healthy and ready for some fun in the sun!


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