Saturday, May 19, 2012

Family Fun

So much has happened lately, I really don't know where to begin.  Basically, We have been enjoying life while keeping a watchful eye on swollen glands.  I guess I should start with that so no one is left worrying.

Sammy's glands are 'normally swollen'...just like an other kid....according to Dr. C who is the head honcho of Sammy's doctors.  All is good with Sam.  He remains in remission and his blood work is clear. His running is improving and people constantly comment on how great he looks.  We are very fortunate and inwardly celebrate this almost every minute!

Sammy celebrated turning 8 recently.  I cannot believe he is growing up so quickly.  Where is the time going?  He has wanted his own pet for some time so I thought a fish might be fun.  Here is the final version of that seed idea:

The cat likes them very much indeed!

And Sammy is learning how to take responsibility for his 9 fish:

Sammy had a wonderful party with his friends at his usual place...

And dinner at his favorite Japanese restaurant!

We also celebrated Jack and Sammy's cousin's first birthday. It was wonderful to see the kids playing together and know that Sam could keep up and just join in the fun without having to worry about anything.

Jack has been very busy also.  Baseball is in full swing (pun intended) and we all had fun at the opening day celebration... see here for news on that.  

I was given a delightful Mother's Day.  Having the luxury of a long lie in, we all headed off to the beach as a family, dog included, and walked along the rocks to the tide pools.  I was in my absolute element, being a total beach-lover.  I actually love the walks and views more than just sitting getting a tan....and Mother's Day was glorious!  We spotted birds, found sea-creatures and enjoyed the beautiful views.  The kids played on the rocks and I daydreamed about the beach houses dotted along the coastline.  Heaven!

We have really had some great times recently.  Pushing worry to the back of our minds was very doable and we are glad that we were able to.  Of course, all this activity (and there is more I shall share in later posts) means my house is a total wreck!  I like having no time to take care of it though....nowadays it is not because we are spending weeks in hospital, instead it is because we are doing things, volunteering for things close to our hearts, and having the life we had to put on hold for a few years.


  1. Oh, this perked me up a lot--so happy for you that you have this "ordinary" time to enjoy. So many people take regular days for granted. You know they are precious.

    1. Here's to 'ordinary'. I'm loving every minute of it!

  2. Sounds like you all had a ball, Katy, and not before time! I am sooh pleased that you're back to being a happy family again, doing all the things a healthy family usually does, and so utterly relieved that our gorgeous Sammy is back to being well and himself again. Massive love to all of you, and I can't wait to see ya'll in July. xxx


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