Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Health Bill

In 2014 Sammy will be 10.  He won't be thinking about health insurance, and hopefully, we won't be worrying about his future health!  I am not going to get political, but one good thing that has come from the last four years has been the fact that my son, who through no fault of his own got cancer,  will now be able to get insurance despite having such a pesky ol' pre-existing condition.

Had this bill not been passed, Sammy, like millions of other children with pre-existing conditions, including his brother who has asthma, would have paid through the nose, or been completely denied health coverage!  Imagine telling a survivor to cover their own ass because they had cancer as a child!!!!

I am ecstatic about this.  I could argue against other decisions made by the administration...but I could with any administration, that's life.  As I said, I'm not getting political, I just want to celebrate this milestone and acknowledge all the beautiful children it will help in the future.


  1. Yup! I am very much with you on the passing of the bill to remove the preexisting condition crap. Since Husband is a contractor and I stay at home with the boys we have to buy our health insurance "off the street" and are basically stuck with our provider (even thought they continue to pull all sorts of fun and expensive pranks with our plan) because of Cody's Cerebral Palsy. I do not get all political often but this is a good thing for so many people.

  2. Hi Shoes,
    It boggles my mind that there are any issues with covering a child's illness at all!

  3. I'm so glad this issue has been resolved in favour of human beings,Katy, instead of the usual economical considerations, or whatever. If only America could have something like our (British) National Health! We Brits moan about it, but often don't realise how very lucky we are.


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