Saturday, November 26, 2011

Giving Thanks and Celebrating

We have just had the most amazing couple of days for many reasons.  Firstly, we were able to be truly thankful that Sam and Jack were able to enjoy Thanksgiving in a regular fears about neutropenia, fevers, or admissions.  We were also spending Thanksgiving with MANY family members who were flying in from all over the country as well as driving great distances.  And finally, we were going to host all those wonderful people for the Jack and Sammy Celebration the next day.

Everything was wonderful: great food, company and spirits.  The youngest children, the new generation of cousins, bonded beautifully.  Our generation marveled at our being the parents, and the older generations enjoyed watching the little ones have so much fun.  It really was everything a Thanksgiving should be.  We even got to celebrate Sam and Jack's Great-grandmother Lulu's 90th birthday!!!

The Jack and Sammy Celebration was also fantastic.  Once again the little ones bonded and solidified their relationships.  Cousins and their spouses chilled out with a few drinks, some silly card games, a game of "Shot Checkers" and also enjoyed playing with the kids.  Jack and Sam enjoyed being the hosts...the mimosas flowed (not with the kids) and the party was ON!  I'm going to let the pictures tell you the rest.

Playing football

Sad when you can't run as fast as your little cousins :(

Jack and his cousins

The Lego Tower of Thanksgiving!

Forming the new band

Big cousin makes Sammy a flying Space-ship...much cooler than an airplane


Lulu looking very good!

My special boy, Jack


Celebration cake


Brothers forever!

Big and little cuz

Our wonderful aunt and uncle

Artistic moment

The boys take a turn

More Space-ship creating....competition about to start

Beer-shot Checkers!!!

The family

Sammy's back!


  1. Your family celebration looks so full of love and joy. What a nice looking bunch...especially Lulu with her full head of gossamer locks! I'm glad you are all able to celebrate this amazing event of your son's return to health:)

  2. I am thankful for you, my friend. xo


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