Tuesday, March 8, 2011

As It Is

Today I am directing you all to a blog that helps me when I am feeling at my lowest.  The title of this post is the actual title of the blog post from the amazing Galen Pearl.  This post is about her own struggles with her son's autism.

I read it and immediately connected to the feelings and emotions of a mother trying to do the right thing. Not getting it right all the time.  Wrangling with the feelings that come with that.

BUT, Galen does not dwell on the negativity I often feel.  She draws from her own belief that we can be HAPPY, if we work at it.  Happy is not a word usually associated with having a child with a life-threatening illness or chronic condition...but her words make sense universally.

Please take a look at As It Is by Galen Pearl on her blog: Ten Steps to Finding Your Happy Place.  I may not have found a way to stay happy all the time, but there can be a lot of comfort for many people  there.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I look forward to checking out this blog. Hope all is going well for you and the family. xo, Shannon

  2. What a lovely surprise to make my usual stop by your blog and find the connection to mine along with your very sweet and dear description. I'm deeply pleased that anything I say bring comfort to you. I, in turn, am always inspired and moved by your story. I'm so glad we have become blog/mom friends.

  3. beautiful thoughts and pictures always thinking of Sammy hope to see ya soon,almost getting there... E mom

  4. Hope all is well! Miss your updates!


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