Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Questions From a Six Year Old

This afternoon, driving home after Sammy's PT, he asked me a question that astounded me.  He asked,

"Will I ever be able to run fast like I used to?"

I wanted to stop the car and hug my little man, soothe his fears, and promise a total comeback from the debilitating effects of the chemo.  That was not possible.

What I could do, however, was calmly tell Sammy that he should get back to being fast once he finishes chemo.

"But are you sure?" he asked.

"Well, your doctors are some of the best, and they say you should get back to the way you were before..."

"Yes, but will I really?"

My superhero was showing me just how aware he was of the way I answered the questions.  He wanted to hear an outright guarantee, and that was something I could not do.

No one knows if he will totally lose the weak legs and limp.   He may never have full use of his hands...therefore, I cannot confirm that this will definitely happen.

All I could do was reiterate how sure the doctors were that he should get better, and remind Sammy that we expect the best results once he has stopped treatment.

We then went on to discuss the magnitude of the party we will be having once treatment is over.  Expect a BIG bash....and Sammy wants to stay up until midnight.  THAT I can guarantee he'll do!


  1. Kids are smarter than we often give them credit for, huh? Some of the observations they make absolutely astound me. Your little guy is very astute. Hopefully that BIG party is very soon! Hugs, Shannon

  2. Hi, It's Amy, Jace's mom. I haven't had time to really read your story (though I plan to read more very soon), but I quickly wanted to hug you through the computer and let you know how much I appreciate you finding us...appreciate knowing another mom feels exactly how I feel...and how I love knowing Jace has a superhero friend. Big hugs to ALL of you. We'll be in touch.

  3. Sorry you have to answer these questions technically. Sounds like your sweet guy has an amazing and inquisitive spirit. Yes, a big party and soon!

  4. What an amazing and insightful kid! I hope Sammy will be able to run as fast as he used to.
    Hugs to you all.

  5. He is SUPERMAN SAMMY! There are endless possibilities in his future. It is heartwarming to see that, even though reality is much clearer to him, that the desires of a CHILD have not changed. He still is a kid who wants to play and run like the wind. For that I am thankful. He's in my prayers <3.

  6. Such a sweetie! Guaranteeing a BIG bash and staying up until midnight is definitely a great guarantee. Keeping him in my thoughts and prayers!

    WW: Waiting for Spring

  7. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
    Have a nice day!

  8. Kids are amazing. We can learn so much from them. They want the truth and they want to be assured and comforted. Like all of us!

    In response to your request, you are welcome to link to my post or use it in any way you like.


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