Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sammy Super Swimmer!

Just a quickie to update everyone.

Sam has just graduated Swimming Beginners I.   This is a HUGE achievement when one looks back over the past year and a half.  I am so proud of him.  He moves on to Beginners II in April.

Jack starts therapy on Thursday.  He is also going back to Gilda's Club for the  Support Group on Tuesdays.  I really hope it helps him.....more about that on his blog.

Brian's toe is slowly recovering...he broke it!

I am wondering why my therapist (gosh that sounds weird) has three weeks between appointments????  Perhaps this is not the right person for me.  I did like him but might need more regular visits...or not...we will see.  So my Cancer Parent next piece of unsolicited advice is to be prepared to change therapist if the first one isn't meeting your needs.  I will keep you posted on my decision after my next appointment.

Well, that's about it until Thursday when Sammy has his next I hate those things!


  1. Oh, well done, Sam :)

    And, very good luck to Jack on Thursday.

  2. Thank you, Mask...are you back? I miss you.


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