Friday, May 13, 2011

Just A Little Niggle!

I had the hardest time at CVS last night trying to get all the meds for the cycle.  You would not think a well established pharmacy could mess things up to such an extent. I was there for TWO hours!!!!

The confusion began with me calling in the chemo scripts the night before so they were ready to go on time.  The doctors increased Sam's Dex (steroids) and 6MP due to his increased height and weight.  Brian called the pharmacy to let them know that we needed to cancel the original refills...they seemed able to cope so far.

Next came actually giving the scripts in.  The 'person' (ooh, I'm trying to be nice) took two of them as I tried to tell him about the change in dose and the conversation Brian had over the phone.  He ignored me completely and then told me to come back in fifteen minutes.  I politely told him I still had three more scripts in my hand and he took them from me and said I was adding them to the computer!  As I looked back, he was doing that, so I felt able to go and read the trashy magazines while I waited.  

Twenty minutes later, I lined up at the Pick-Up counter and patiently waited.  My turn came, six bags of meds were handed to me...all was going well.  I ask if I could just check everything...the woman almost spat venom at me , but I 'politely' explained that I always do, it was not her I mistrusted.  Anyhoo, the Dex was the old dose and my meds (allergy stuff) were missing.  I kept smiling (what's the point of showing my disappointment) and ask for the new script...the one I handed in be filled...and my script to be done too.  

Long story short, the 'person' who took the prescriptions earlier had lost my script and had not changed the dose for Sam....not sure how he can do that without ignoring a doctors written prescription, but there you go!  I waited again.  Over an hour went by while they tried to sort out everything.  

Then.....I was called to the counter to hear that they had found my had been put in Sam's name...BUT they did not have the new dose of the Dex.  The woman kindly called around the other CVS pharmacies but no one had it.  I explained that we had to have the Dex for the morning dose...she snapped that I had missed the cut-off for ordering...8 o'clock.  I immediately, but calmly  reminded her  that I had been there since 7:30!!!  If they had got the order correct in the first place, I'd have my meds delivered at least by lunchtime.  Blood was boiling by this point.

Then I asked if we could have the dose given to us in a different form....Sam was to take 6mg per day, breaking it in half so he got 3mg in the morning and again in the evening.  She checked to see if they had other doses...they did...and we thought about how we could make it up to give the correct dose...progress!  Oh!  My prescription had finally been and a half hours in CVS!

Then I was told the pharmacist would not agree to give me the new concoction.  Mummy rant about to ensue!  The woman just kept saying they could not order it and I could not have any of the stuff they had.  I never like to bring up Sammy's cancer but I am sure I heard my voice declare.."Your telling me you won't help me give my six year old son his chemo to help him fight his cancer!!!!!"   You could have heard a pin drop.

After a wait, the pharmacist ...I had a new name for him....granted me an audience and asked what was   Trying soooo hard not to do something illegal,  I asked why he was the first pharmacist in almost two years who wouldn't let us reformulate the dose with the pills they had in stock?  I braced myself for a fight...verbal or physical...but he just smiled and said, "Oh, you've done this before?  Okay, no problem....I just want to make sure you know what to do."  I was speechless.  

Two hours into my visit, I finally paid my co-pays (three figures!!!!) and walked staggered out of CVS feeling drained and confused by the whole experience.  I was a little bothered that I had lost my cool, but very pleased I had not drawn blood.  Brian gets to go next cycle!


  1. Props to you for not strangling the lab tech! The treatment you recieved as a customer who obviously pays a great deal of money into their company is just horrible! CUSTOMER SERVICE? Hardly!
    I think CVS owes you an apology!

  2. Yea, I'm with Lisa. You maintained your cool WAY past the point that any other human being might have.

  3. I've learned it is better not to rant..they don't do any better anyway. I just can't believe they are dealing with critical medicines for people when they are so incompetent!

  4. This is the story you alluded to, I think, in a comment on my blog. I would have been in a tearful rage--almost was in a tearful rage just reading about it. Oh, bless your heart. I know you don't have the energy or time to report this travesty up the chain of command, but I hope that somehow the powers that be will hear of this.

    By the way, pulling out the cancer card as you did (I hope everyone in the store heard you) was not only appropriate, it was awesome. You are an Amazon warrior mom. And no, I don't mean from the website, I mean from Greek mythology.

  5. Hello my dear friend. Hopefully I can help blow your goal out of the water:

    Happy Sunday, Shannon

  6. Hi love- how do I get the light the night button onto my site???

  7. Galen, believe it nor not, that comment happened BEFORE my two hour disaster!!!

    S...what can I say? apology would be nice but I am so concerned about people who do not think to challenge mistakes or feel the pharmacist has the final word.


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