Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Sammy with his crab at the school puppet show

Things are looking up! Sammy has realized he is improving, and the effects of chemo are not getting the better of him.  Yesterday, while we snuggled in bed, Sammy began talking about Easter and all the fun things he is looking forward to.  He hopes the Easter bunny will be kind to him even though he is getting older.  Then, out of nowhere, he suddenly remarks,

"Oh my!  This will be my first easter off steroids...no yucky feeling or medicine.  Oh I'm so happy!  I can have Easter without cancer!"  

Sam is so glad to be done and I'm really happy he is enjoying this time....he deserves to!  He also noticed something about his appearance as he was getting ready for school.  He came running out of the  bathroom and shouted,

"My head has shrunk!  I have a really small head!  Is it possible that I have a shrunken head?"  

The concerns were so genuine, I had to contain my laughter.  You see, Sammy had noticed what I had seen for a while; the moon-face created by the steroids has completely vanished.  Sammy's hair is also long and soft again.  The old Sam is back, and there is no trace on his face of past battles.

Mr. Moon-Face - the chemo changes Sammy's features dramatically


  1. Oh Katy, How wonderful that Sammy said those things. I laughed and cried all at the same time! He's looking fantastic now... as you say, we've got our Sammy back. Please give him a huge kiss from me, and tell him I love him to bits, as I do all of you. xxx

  2. Sammy looks sooo healthy! So happy he is noticing all the positive changes in himself! Happy Blessed Easter to you Katy and your family! Valerie

  3. So happy Sammy is now enjoying life once again. Happy Easter!

  4. Easter and a new life--no coincidence there! Happy Easter to Sammy and to you all.

  5. It is fabulous that he’s enjoying this time, and you’re absolutely right, he certainly deserve it!

    Hope you and Sammy, and all your family have a lovely Easter xx

  6. Thank you all fro your love and support. Wishing you a Happy Easter xxx


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