Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Things have been good lately.  I am on a high from knowing we are nearing the end of treatment (optimistic and refusing to worry about the 'what ifs').  Nana's recent visit was far too short.  Three weeks is a long time for a houseguest but we only get to see her once a year.  It is not enough.  However, we were able to enjoy a lovely time together.  

This is my favorite picture of our time in NYC, capturing the two boys hanging out by the lake in Central Park.  It sums up the entire visit: we were all too exhausted, sick or steroidy to do amazing adventures like we usually do, but we got to stop and SEE things....actually take time to soak in some easy-going pleasure!

Here the boys were watching turtles.  One turtle was very intent on getting food from them.  Utterly disappointed that there was non forthcoming, the turtle, who had crawled out of the lake to practically beg for the food, slunk back in very disgruntled.  I do believe the boys could have spent the entire afternoon there.  

It is good to see children enjoying nature and simple free pleasures.  All too often the cry for more time on the Wii or "Just one more TV show....PLEASE!!!" come flying in my direction.  On this day, however, we all just drank in the amazing views of NYC surrounding the lake as turtles, geese and boats provided us with all the entertainment we needed.  

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