Monday, October 12, 2009

Questions for Today

Today Sammy asked me the following questions or made comments:
  • Why did Jack have a nurse at home for his treatment (Meningitis) but he has to go to the clinic every week?
  • Why can he see a needle in the port clip when he had it attached to his chest at the clinic? It hurts when it goes in!
  • He might try paper tape and cellophane to cover the port when we put the numbing cream on it before the clinic. He hates the tape because it hurts so much but I told him I read about a child who felt the same way but didn't mind the paper tape so much.
  • When will his hair grow back? Will it fall out more?
  • Will he still be going to the hospital next year? If so, why?
  • Is taking the grape medicine the same as the chocolate medicine or will one make him better faster? (They are the same...just chocolate syrup hides the bad taste).
  • Is it okay to want chicken fingers so much? Why does he want them so badly especially when he thinks about them and then gets cranky because he gets so hungry?
  • Will all the Thursdays at clinic be a short as last Thursday? Why can't they do the same thing?
  • Can all the doctors except one and Mummy leave the room as they scare him when there are too many?

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