Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pennies For Patients

Recently the school Jack and Sam attend held a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society called Pennies for Patients.  Basically, students hunt for loose change around their home...literally pennies, and bring them in.  Each child was sent home with a box and each classroom had a larger box to house the collected coins in.  The Student Government was in charge of collecting and counting up all the change.  Results have yet to come in, but the response was amazing and I am sure the children raised a great deal to help people with blood cancers.

Peter and Sammy were guest speakers at the assembly kicking off  Pennies for Patients, and Sammy had a blast being up in front of the school, helping to explain why we were asking for the pennies in the first place.


  1. Hi Katy, This post is interesting to me because I'm interested in energy exchange. I materialize in my own life with energy as pennies for patients is doing on a larger scale for those with blood cancer. The principles are the same. There is a need and money is materialized which in turn leads to effort and determination to deal with this problem, hopefully resulting in a cure for the condition. Good luck, love.

  2. What a great experience for Sammy. People often respond when it's personal, when they know someone, when they have information. So I'm glad that was a positive experience for him. I'm sure he inspired many people. Just like you do!

  3. Wow- what a great thing.

    Pennies make me think of my Uncle who passed almost two years ago (on my husband's birthday). His daughters and my mom and aunts began to find random pennies everywhere just after he died. Sounds silly, but he graces us all with his "presence" every once in a while and thinking that those found pennies can be saved up and given to a good cause is a practice I will adopt with my son.

  4. Hi Suzzy, Galen and Shannon,
    I like to get Sammy involved in giving back as much as possible and it did make such a difference as the kids had someone to identify with.
    Shannon, your memories are so special. Your uncle left you with something special!


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