Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pearl Jam - The Sammy Bracelet!

Pearl Jam is my escape from everything to do with cancer.  But at the most recent show, over in Missoula, Montana, I mixed up the two worlds a little and came out with the experience of a lifetime for this fan!  I am a big Mike McCready fan...he's the lead guitarist.  I was at the show with very good friends and had tickets for a "meet and greet" before the show started thanks to said friends working some magic.  The show was in the home state of another Pearl Jam member, Jeff Ament., and was in support of Senator John Tester.  So it had political leanings and I wanted to do a final last hurrah for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. 

I wore my Superman Sammy shirt and bracelet because I wanted to talk to Tester about healthcare and share with him about Sammy having leukemia and thanking him (and reminding him to keep going) with the healthcare stuff).  Anyway, I'm next to Mike but behind him and he turns around and looks straight at my shirt and goes to shake my hand. My bracelet was too big and had fallen over part of my hand so he got it in his and looked at it...I quickly explained what it was and he gave me the BIGGEST hug and then took the bracelet to wear....this made an incredible night the most special moment for me. My Sammy's bright orange band on Mike's wrist at one of the best shows I've ever seen! I can't put it into words properly.   :)


  1. THIS is why I absolutely ADORE you, my lovely friend. Still get chills and tears of joy at the memory of watching this happen. Much love to you and our hero, the compassionate, fan-centric, awesome MIKE MCCREADY

  2. This WOULDN"T have happened without YOU....thank you for giving me this amazing memory....TCH Girls Forever!!!

  3. Great story!! By the way, my book is out now and you are mentioned in it. The lucky day story. I'm still in awe of that one. Hope you and your family are doing well. Loved this wonderful story.

    1. I'm going to get our book, Galen, and not because we are mentioned in it but because you have always grounded me and I know your book will help me whenever I feel the need for some "Galen". xxxx

  4. OMG?!?!?! I can't believe I'm just seeing this now - how fantastic is that? You are an absolute soldier, so happy you had this experience Katy!!


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