Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lucky 13

Jack and Brian came with us to the clinic last Thursday.  It was quite the family affair.  The reason we all descended upon CHAM was due to the fact Sammy was scheduled to record his Oral History video and we wanted the whole family involved.  Of course, before we did that, we had to go through the usual visit palaver.  

Jack seemed fine with the whole thing...we were glad that it was a quiet day and there was not the usual bustling and sounds coming from the other beds.  (We have seen Sammy grow from screaming child to confident master of his domain, but there are always new children taking the journey and their cries and screams would have upset Jack a lot....I know, I have gone to the bathroom for a cry on past visits!)

Daisy was there taking Sammy's vitals as usual.  I had to leap at the chance to get a picture of her ready for Sammy's scrapbook.  I am trying to get as many doctors, curses etc. as I can before treatment is over. Not that we won't be back...we will every month, but I just want to capture the 'treatment time' right now.

Speaking of treatment, Dr. C gave us the final date for Sam.  He will get his last dose of Methotrexate on October 13th!!!!  13 really is our lucky number...we discovered the leukemia (just in time) on September 13th, 2009, and we end treatment exactly two years later.  I am soooo excited.  I have blown off the anxiety over it right now...I am sure it will come back, but right now I'm HAPPY!!!!!!

Dr. Jack!


  1. October 13th - my 40th birthday weekend. A most lucky weekend for sure. It takes on a new meaning for me now that we have "met" and I have followed your journey these last 9 months. Bless you and your family, Katy.

  2. Oh Shannon...that makes it EVEN more special! xxx

  3. That's so good, Sam is finishing his treatment soon. It really does look like '13' is lucky!

  4. Ok, I have Thumber beat...October 12 is my 50th birthday!

    I am so happy to see Sammy is doing so well. I've been a horrible blog friend- been so busy building The Blogging Buddies Social Network (I don't think you ever joined the new site..hint-hint!)

    I have also done some coaching, written an ebook, started two new sites and do a bunch of affiliate marketing stuff, so I've been everywhere but here!

    I will have to stop back later and catch up...I'm off to my daughters doctor appt in a few!

    Hug Sammy and tell him I said Hi!

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