Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Capturing a Moment

Inspired by Ally over at cancerandbabyequalschaos, I am going to try to capture precious moments or interesting happenings each week..."Yeah, right!' I hear you say...and you are probably right...but I'm gonna give it a try.  You know it will be based on the trials and tribulations of my family's fun with cancer, but what the heck!  May as well do something fun now and again :)

So my photo is:

Okay, I broke the rules already...it's supposed to be one captured this week.  But I wanted to start with this as my mum captured it of me in Cornwall, back before my world turned upside down.  We were in a little church, enjoying the beauty within and the view.  I was in my early twenties and my whole life stretched before me.

I love this photo because it brings peace to me...happy memories, beautiful places, family, future...and I never look back with bitterness at my new lot...just contentment.  This photo reminds me of me...the person I still am, and will always be.


  1. It’s a phenomenal photo, and looks so much like it ought to be a painting. And, a phenomenal attitude, Katy x

  2. Its such a lovely photo and what are rules if not to be broken!! Look forward to seeing more of your pictures xx

  3. What a beautiful photo and message. Just before I saw this post, I was thinking of some photos of James when he was little, before the autism diagnosis. He was such a beautiful child. And I was also looking at a photo of my daughter taken last year after she turned 18. She is laughing and so happy with her life. Now she is pregnant and she is still happy, but I look at that photo with longing for the innocence, when the world was hers. Gives me a lot of opportunities to practice those steps in my last post!!

  4. I love country churches...and having the time to enjoy the scenery. Here's hoping you find some quiet moments to do the same here!


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