Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Feel Like The Clinic is Home!

The sentence, "I feel like the clinic is home," came out of my son's mouth in the car yesterday as we chatted about this morning's visit for chemo.  I was stunned, but in context, it actually made sense.  We had been planning the Clinic birthday celebration (Sammy turns seven on Tuesday), and he was very excited.  He really wanted to be at the clinic with his wonderful doctors, nurses, and his friend (psychologist), Leslie.  Leslie was bringing donuts for Sam to celebrate, Nana was bringing something sweet for the staff...Sammy just wanted to be there.  He sees the clinic so differently lately.

Accessing  Sam's port is often done while Sam is busy with his DS or watching a movie...or tricking Nana by making her leave the room then telling her no blood would come out....followed by a smiling Sammy holding up the vial of blood that had come out first time!  This is the kid who took four hours to drink down a teaspoon of medicine, was still taking off a band aid as the clinic was closing because it was so traumatic, and screamed the place down if a nurse even came near him, never mind with a large needle that needed to get pushed into his chest!

Sam is the big man in town...confident, aware of what is going to verbalize his thoughts and opinions.  Sammy told the doctors that the past steroid pulse was the worst one ever, as was Easter...he had a rotten time and hated the weekend.  He also said how much he is looking forward to this weekend, we are holding his birthday party on Saturday and Sam will be surrounded by family and friends, and he was particularly looking forward to the extra love and attention!!!

So, Sam is very comfortable at the clinic, he is positively jubilant about his upcoming birthday, and he loves his 'clinic family' very much indeed.


  1. Hi Katy, Sammy, Jack, and Brian too!
    Clearly Sammy has an amazing team of doctors, nurses, and support staff working with him. It's just so amazing how kids can grow and mature even as they go through such ordeals as teating leukemia! You ROCK Sammy!
    Kerry Anonymous (having problems with google!!)

  2. It's fantastic that he has such a good attitude. Happy birthday to Sammy! xo, Shannon


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