Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chef Sammy

Sammy has always loved his food.  When admitted into hospital, he actually starved himself as he couldn't face food, but that is not the usual order of business.  In fact, right now, Sam is  asking me for a snack even though he knows we are about to hit the town for a bite to eat with Nana.  Sammy's favorite food is hibachi, but he will happily settle for other dishes; pizza, pasta, chinese, chicken fingers, and all sundry of fruits....just not so many veggies.

A winning birthday gift was a kids cookbook.  Sam has read it from cover to cover and we have a, he has a plan.  We are going to work our way through every recipe and try a whole host of new foods!  I am very happy to see his interest in culinary diversification.

Sam's first dish was giant pigs in blankets.  Not the healthiest start, but we both had fun and Sam is a strict task-master when it comes to following the directions to a T....something I need in the kitchen as I'm more a 'wing it' kind of gal!

The result was delicious!  Both Jack and Sam enjoyed the meal...corn and salad were added as sides.  Best of all, Sammy knows what he wants to do when he grow up: be a doctor in the daytime and hibachi chef at night!!!!


  1. Love to Sammy xxx

  2. Nana Loves you very much Sammy xxx
    Love Nana


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