Friday, July 15, 2011

Control Toxicity in Treatment

We are entering a strange new phase in Sam's treatment.  With all fingers crossed, I can say his treatment is going very well and shows all the signs of being successful,  I am so happy that I am able to positively look towards the future again, in terms of having Sammy with us.  I will not allow myself to relax totally,  incase I jinx the whole thing...I am like that.  

We now needs to make sure the toxicity from the chemo does not impact Sam's future.  His recent results from the neurological test and the impending kidney tests show that toxic chemicals have hurt his body...the price we pay for keeping him I have to accept them.  Yesterday, in clinic, Dr. L actually reduced the Vincristine to try to help Sam feel less pain and neuropathy.  It may be increased again...don't forget, the main idea is to keep him alive so neuropathy may be a price Sam has to pay.  

I have heard that there are ways to control the neuropathy through diet and exercise.  This is my focus now.  I want to learn all I can about the nutrition and exercise that will give Sam the best chance to run with his friends again. 

Oh, BTW -it is week one - steroids..yeay!!!  Roll on November :)

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  1. What a heavy responsibility to have to bear in terms of accepting the "cost" of successful treatment. A family at my church has a son who had brain cancer. He is fine now, but has some lasting effects from getting well. A worthwhile trade off, I'm sure they would say. Your posts always touch my heart.


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