Saturday, October 17, 2009

Consolidation I

"Houston, we have landed!" Remission has been achieved. Phew! Thursday went well medically. Sammy's blood counts, platelets and ANC were all fine for the procedure (spinal tap, bone marrow biopsy and intrathecal Methotrexate)and it went by without a glitch. Sam was even much calmer about being put to sleep this time which was a relief. He was scared of the nightmares he had experience last time, so I whispered gently ideas for his next birthday party...Spongebob cake, balloons and fun at "Dino-dig". He later told me he had good dreams.

Having the finger prick was a different story. It is amazing how we humans accept varying degrees of suffering. Sam was mortified to learn his finger had to be pricked to draw blood, and even more upset after watching Mummy demonstrate with her own finger (ouch)! Major histrionics later, we had squeezed a pin-head sized drop of blood from his numbed finger. The look on his face when we told him this was a weekly event was enough to turn me to stone. We quickly changed the subject to things he's more comfortable with such as having meds pushed through his port..see, accepting varying degrees of 'yucky'!

We left the clinic before getting the results back, but later that afternoon we got a call to tell us the bloodwork indicated remission, and that Sam would be admitted Friday for the next phase of treatment. I went into school Friday Morning with the strangest feeling. I dissolved into tears as I told everyone about the remission, and it was partly relief...but also fear of the next was going to be happening that day. In hindsight, I am now very pleased as the alternative would be a new treatment plan to get to remission, but I am still shocked at how sad I was as I told everyone the wonderful news.

I am now sitting in room 906 in CHAM. Sam is over half way through his 24 hour High Dose Methotrexate (HDM). This is the big gun! I am still a little afraid, yet calmer now it is happening. Effects won't present for a day or two so I am bracing for those: mouth sores, nausea, vision problems, sore gastro name a few probable ones. Others we will deal with IF they happen. We are here for about 4 days so the HDM can be administered safely and the rescue med, Leucovorine, given at the right time. Then we will be home and waiting for neutropenia to set in (lack of immune system). We will play it extra safe, avoiding too much contact with others and staying home. This phase lasts for three weeks. Neutropenia is expected to hit around day 14. Once it is over, we can get out a party once more!


  1. Katy,

    These posts are truly incredible -- detailed in the right way, honest, loving! They help me to get a better idea of what you are going through and what so many "cancer moms" go through. You are handling this with such wisdom and grace.

    Stay strong!


  2. And you are the most special of all, Katy.


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