Monday, January 17, 2011

A Lovely Surprise!

Today I logged in and was greeted by a lovely message from a very wise blogger, Galen Pearl, author of one of my favorite blogs, 10 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place.  Galen has awarded me the Stylish Blogger award...Me!  I am very honored and pledge to live up to my new title by actually editing a little more carefully on the non-"oh my goodness, I'm losing it"  rants that will never be edited as I can't vent and edit at the same time :)

Thank you so much Galen, and now I know I have to share seven things about myself - I will make them all non-Sammy/cancer related!
  • I am from England and moved to the US over 11 years ago to marry my true love from New York
  • I attended Liverpool University and met my hubby while studying abroad for a year at URI
  • I love to travel (on hold at the moment) and miss going Christmas shopping in Seville, Spain for the day...but my favorite place in the world is the Llyn Peninsular, North Wales
  • I don't believe in horoscopes, but I am a Scorpio, and people get really shocked when my 'niceness' goes away and often remark that 'I have a sting in my tail' when it happens.
  • My hobby is dancing - Hip Hop, Lyrical, Jazz, Contemporary, and I will be 'performing' in a show with other adult dancers in April (gotta lose at least 10 pounds first)!
  • I love music and have recently developed a bit of an obsession with Pearl Jam...Hubby claims I am trying to relive my LOST youth!
  • Once I have more "me" time, I plan to begin learning photography.
Now I have to select five blogs to bestow the award to.  I highly recommend Galen's blog but can't include it in my selections. Here is a list of blogs I think are awesome and well worth visiting:

Thumbin' My Way
Home is Where the Heart is
Heart to Heart
Be Here Now

I am sure I will find many more blogs to recommend as I expand my horizons.   I feel the blogging community is so supportive of one another, and this award system helps us to get word out of blogs we like.  Have fun exploring these blogs.


  1. Katy,
    I am at a loss for words (and that rarely ever happens!) I am greatly humbled by the honor you have bestowed upon me. Thank you for this opportunity to read about you-- love that you love dance! My love for dance was a major factor in my recovery:)

    Sammy is absolutely adorable! I will be praying for his complete recovery. Sweet boy!

    I do hope that more people will read what I write in my blog, because that will mean that more people are being educated about childhood cancer, which means more people will give to research, which means a cure will come faster.

    It can't come soon enough.

    I am very, very grateful for your kindness,


  2. You are so welcome, Melinda. What you are doing to fight for children with cancer is incredible. You fought and survived cancer yourself, and now you are a major force in fighting for the most helpless but precious people in our world. Thank you so much!

  3. Hi Katy, Thank you very much for this award. I loved to read and know more about your personal life. These awards really do bring bloggers closer together and makes us into a kind of community. I'll try to do my part to tell more about myself and pass on the award. Thanks again for thinking of me in such a kind way.

    your friend, sue (hugs)

  4. You are welcome Sue. Keep have so much to say!

  5. Dear Katy,
    I have been blogging for less than two months... although I have been writing stories and "journaling" in my head for years! I consider it a blessing to have met you through this experience, and am honored you felt I deserve the Stylish Blogger Award. Your own stories have touched my heart and I keep you all in my prayers. Thank you for believing in me and being such an encouragement! I will be passing on this award to some other unsuspecting but well deserving bloggers!
    Thank you and God Bless,
    Lisa <3

  6. Katy,
    Thank you as well for the blogging award. What a surprise when I saw your comment. It made my day. DM

  7. Lisa and DM,
    I am so glad I found your blogs and very happy to recommend them to others through the award.

  8. CONGRATS! And THANK YOU so much for passing the award along to me. I am truly grateful and humbled, Katy. You are a special lady and I am so glad to have "met" you. Truly. Fom the bottom of my heart. xo, S


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