Monday, November 23, 2009

Cuddles and Turkey

Today Sam did not have to take any medicine...hooray!!! He went to the bookstore with Brian and built his Spongebob Lego house. When Jack and I got back from school, he asked for homework. Mrs. Polsky, his Kindergarten teacher had just given me the "How to cook a turkey" page for Sam to complete. This is a Kindergarten tradition where all the Kindergartners dictate their methods of cooking a turkey and then draw a picture. The page is then include in a book for the families.

Something happened tonight that hasn't happened in a long time. jack and Sam snuggled together with me on the couch. Usually we keep the boys apart but Sam was upset as I insisted I wash his hands (little things still set him off), and I lay on the couch with him to cuddle and make better. Jack joined us at our feet... he is so careful to keep Sam safe, but we found ourselves all snuggled together in a heap, holding hands and Jack gave Sam a kiss. While my mummy-senses told me to move Jack away, my heart told me to let them be. They needed each other and that was more important. I just wish I could have taken a picture.

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