Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today was Sammy's last day of radiation. He had eight days of the lowest dose possible...the doctors don't think he will get major long-term effects. I'm nervous anyway,that's just me, but once again find myself thinking we are lucky.

Sam brought his mask home. It really freaked me out seeing how tight and smothering it is. I can't believe the technicians thought he could endure twenty minute stretches pinned to a table in it! I don't think I would have made it.

Sam made quite a few friends out of the anesthesiology team as he was put under each time he wore the mask. Dr. Singer loved seeing what interesting things Sam would come out with on his happy juice prior to going to sleep. Sam also had certain requests which were always honored by the team such as pulling all the stickies off him before he woke up. Dr. Singer was surprised by how many times this would wake him up...Sammy had a very high tolerance level before the medicine actually knocked him out.

Brian told me how the nurses clapped when Sam arrived back from Radiology as he was done with the treatment. They treated him like a superstar. He was given a special certificate and was beaming with pride. When Jack and I got home, we presented him with a trophy engraved to him from Mom, Dad and Jack. Sammy's face truly lit up and he thanked us all with such genuine glee...I hope he realizes what a hero he is to us.

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  1. Love the trophy, that was a great idea.

    Colleen Rea


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