Thursday, November 12, 2009


Good day at the clinic because Sam was not screaming about is the steroids...I can't wait until they are done. Radiation was quick, the anesthesiologist was anxious to get back into the room so I assume there was a moment of Sam not breathing, but all was well (I'm calm about it as not breathing is a minor bump these days)!!! At home Sam asked for a nap and was very shaky...radiation is taking its toll. Vincristine is also causing major weakness and pain...but Sam is really handling it well. He did start singing along to a song, "I hate being sick"...and cried a little in bed with me. I think Sam, Brian and I take it in turns to loose it...really! One of us cries and the other two are amazingly strong...lucky :)

Tomorrow Brian will take Sam to the clinic for blood work, and then he goes for radiation and the LP. Sam is terrified of having the port taken out. I told him I would put the numbing cream over the accessed port so he doesn't feel it as much. I am not sure he is fully convinced, but it might work.

Sam has talked a great deal about the length of his illness. He now understands that his port will be in for about two years..."I'll be seven when it comes out!" He is getting a little exasperated about having to go to the clinic so much, he has been every day this week and will do the same next week. Thankfully he is a very clever little guy and tells the nurses and doctors, Dr. Singer (the head of the ICU) included, that he is feeling so bad because of the medicine, not the leukemia, as he doesn't have that anymore.

Sam talks in terms of months and years now. "Will I be able to have my birthday out of the hospital?" or "Can I play golf again?" or "Will I still have to visit the clinic next year and if so, how can I go to Florida?" The hardest is,"If I don't have leukemia anymore, why do I have to keep taking the medicine?" Tonight I finally told him it was to make sure the cancer doesn't come back. He took it calmly, with acceptance. He is the strongest person I have ever met.

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