Monday, December 7, 2009


Feeling weak and wobbly, we still headed out as promised to see the "Big Man" himself.  Jack had made cards for Santa and signed them from both himself and Sam.  I bought the big photo package feeling this Christmas had to be 'the best ever". 

As I opened the frame with last year's Santa picture, ready to place this new one in front, I noticed just how much Sam's looks have changed.  It saddened me so much to see the moon face, pale complexion, balding head and dull, painful eyes.  This was my little dynamo as a shadow of himself. 

Then I remembered that Peter was joining us tomorrow at school as we introduce Sam (the new Leukie Sam) to the class he saw for three short days at the beginning of September.  We are asking Perter to join us for many reasons but one is that he is the epitome of a healthy, handsome young man who is living life to the full.  He is what my Sammy will once again become. " Keep moving forward!" as Peter would say. 

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  1. hey this is me Alexandra upton I am in your class I LOVE this blog and I love you being my teacher


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