Sunday, December 6, 2009


Sam is not a happy bunny on steroids.  He is really being hit hard and the irrational food cravings are driving both him and us insane.  The menu today in order of appearance:  toast and cream cheese, cereal, fried rice (wanted ribs with it), chicken fingers, more fried rice, chicken fingers and fries, rice pilaf, more cereal toast and cream cheese, ice cream, and  yogurt.  Now this took up most of the day. When Sam knows he wants something nothing else will do, except that we didn't have it so I actually ran out for the fried rice ingredients.... and then back out for rib sauce ingredients to try to make ribs like they do at the local Chinese...they did not have said ingredients so we did rice pilaf instead...okay, but not the same...."more ribs please, oh yea you don't have them but please PROMISE me you will have them for me tomorrow"...running out to see if we can get something as we had an idea, okay back to more rice pilaf, toast, ice cream, and finally...yogurt!

Sam also looks like a ghost with red bags under his eyes and his body just 'aint doin' what he wants it to do.  He didn't even want to play with the Wii or DS much today.  Feeling I needed to do something to distract him, I came up with the aquarium.  He seemed slightly interested so off we went.  Jack stayed home to play with M.  Well, I can truly say it was the fasted visit ever!  We walked in (Sam in the stroller), and he just pointed me through the entire aquarium without getting out of the stroller or looking at the fish!!!  He did the same in the gift shop and only brightened up after pointing to the cafe and seeing my defeated agreement in letting him get something to eat.  Chicken fingers and french fries...which he left most of. Then we went home.  Total time for the trip - 1 hour including travel time :(

The thing is, when the steroids get Sam so ravenous,  it is so hard to deny him food.  It is very frustrating, though, when he changes his mind or leaves most of it.  Patience is needed and we know it is just a phase. 

Sam did get his first star for getting his medicine done in less than half an hour.  It was mixed with coke - sugar rush yeah!!!!  It actually took slightly longer but we are going for the encouragement factor..what the heck...I'll try anything.  Only 70 weeks of this to go (if we don't get delays), what joy!  It will be interesting to see how our ribs go over tomorrow!!!!!

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