Sunday, December 13, 2009


Sammy is officially back at school!  We had the team from CHAM come in to talk to the Kindergartners about Sam and Leukemia.  It was all totally overwhelming for him but he also glowed with pride.  You see we shared his book, the one Nana Haze started and then I put together on Shuttefly.  It takes a look at Sam's story so far and his visits to the hospital.  It explains what he has and the procedures he has had to have...all at a five year old level!

Sam stayed in school that morning but was not entirely sure about it all.  He was the star...people from CHAM were there....all eyes were on him... and I think he felt different.  The next day he began in class just like any other child would.  Ms. Markram was there (who had started the year as Mrs. Polsky was out on maternity leave), and she quickly helped Sam find his table and organized a place for him to rest, mat and all should he need it.  Brian was on call in the teacher's room and I kept getting calls from Mrs. Martin, the other Kindergarten teacher, updating me on all she could see through the door.  "Sam is happily chatting to his table friends,"... "Sam is surrounded by girls all chattering away and they all look very happy,"..."Sam is lying on his mat with his friends around him so he is still part of the activity!"  By lunch, Sam was exhausted but actually disappointed when told it was a half day for students as there were parent/teacher conferences all afternoon.

The next day was just me having more parent/teacher conferences and then Friday, Sammy could go back to school and his class, KP...he was going to try for a full day this time!  The day was wonderful...more calls from Mrs. Martin...Brian filmed Sam in PE actually joining in on scooters, dashing around the gym on his belly and loving every minute of it!  Brian, Sam and I had lunch together but then Sam wanted to join his friends as they watched a was too cold to go outside for recess.  I joined him towards the end of recess and once it was time to go back to class, Sam tried to stand up..his legs were having non of it having been used and abused way too much already that day!  I carried him upstairs and Brian sat with him as he had some quiet time in Ms. Hoyne's 1st grade room (the kids were at a special class).  After a brief rest, Sam was back down with KP and had a great afternoon.  Tired but glowing, he told me, "Boy, Kindergarten is quite a challenge..." I responded that he was more than up to it and would  settle into the swing of things and pass with flying colors :)  This kid can do ANYTHING!!!!!!

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