Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cycle 4

Sam started his 4th cycle this Thursday...phew!  I was very worried we would be delayed, and that means prolonging the overall treatment.  The clinic on Thursday was not easy because it was day one, so Sam had to be accessed.  We did the usual finger prick first.  Sam now gets very upset by the squeezing that has to happen to get the blood out once his finger has been pricked.  He finds so much to be terrifying!

We met Nana and Poppa as Sam was being weighed, and then met with Heather, the NP, to go over general check-up type things. Sam still has the cough and cold, but his chest continues to be clear which is good.  Heather told me to get him moving more and ban the stroller!!!  I agree, but can't figure out how I'm going to consistently fight that fight with Sam who is becoming more the invalid each cycle.  I know the exercise will actually help, but the first two weeks are usually painful!  BUT, I'm on a roll now with the discipline and intend to be strong, for his sake, with the exercise. 

Waiting in the general waiting room again Leslie, the psychologist, came for Sam's weekly session.  Nana, Poppa and I immediately got up, told Sam we would be back and loved him, and left them to talk and do their "thing".  We went for coffee.  I was nervous but kept away anyway.  We came back after about 40 minutes as Heather called us to speak with her.  His counts were good..ANC above 2000!  Great, Sam could enjoy Jack's birthday :) Then we got to see the fruits of Sam's time with Leslie...he had built a wonderful collection of things with Legos and proudly revealed them with a spectacular 'da da' as we 'oohed' and 'ahhed' at his great work.  It seems like the pair of them have hit it off.

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  1. So glad to hear you are getting through all this. So hard to stand back, I know, and let the other people do their thing. As awful as this has been, it sounds like Sammy is "settling in," realizing -- as difficult as it is -- that this is how it is, for now." Kids are incredibly resilient, as you well know. One minute, being "stuck," and squeezed, the next building an incredible Lego. Keep it coming!


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