Thursday, February 25, 2010

School Fun

Sam enjoyed three days of fun at school.  He took part in most of the activities and was generally upbeat and happy.  There was a major meltdown moment when he went in on Tuesday to discover Mrs. P was out and there was a substitute. Well, he cried and fussed and I literally asked the sub to hold onto him as I left, believing that the best way to get into the swing of things was for 'Mummy' to leave as if things were normal. Thankfully Mrs. M, the kindergarten teacher in the next room, was on hand, and several other teachers stepped in to help Sam calm down and feel safe.  The rest of the day went well.  

Wednesday was the official Kindergarten 100th Day of School celebration.  I felt so elated that Sammy was had seemed so impossible for so long.  I have included some pictures of the various activities he took part in.  He did need me to be there throughout and, due to my need to get back to my class (being paid to do a job as a teacher and all), I called Brian to take over giving support.  We have to remember it is like the first day of Kindergarten all over again for him...everything is so new and the routines are not yet learned or even understood.  I am so proud of my young man; he has to work out so much as everyone else takes for granted what is expected at this time of year.  He has a strength of character that I admire so greatly, and feel will make him an amazing person in the future.

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