Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow Day

It is now Thursday, just over a week after the day I will cherish for many years to come....a SNOW DAY!  Yep, we finally got a blizzard and our school district actually closed.  It was not the day off that was so special, but the quality of the time we spent as a family. 

Sam had felt quite rough after the beginning doses of cycle four.  He had been sleeping a lot and had the usual pains in his legs and the newer reflux causing problems.  However, he had also been told to 'get moving' by Heather (nurse practitioner at CHAM) and, as a result, had begun walking with Poppa and the dog each day. 

By the Wednesday snow day, usually a day Sammy would still be weak and wobbly and mainly laying on the couch, he was a miracle to behold.  He had energy (for him) and actively took part in games with the family...we played Trouble and tickle Daddy and watched a movie with snuggles and fun instead of passivity.  We shared in jokes and talked and Sammy even became more independent that day.  He blossomed into a being much less fragile than before, more willing to put himself into action and at least have a go at things. 

The day was not just about the beginning of hope.  Jack reveled a talent for chess...actually beating me the first time we played and I really didn't give an inch!  The family got to be together without any other activity coming in our way...the clinic was even postponed until Friday so we could relax in the evening and not rush off to bed ready for an early start the next morning:)  The day was ours and we all found a renewal of strength and resolve from it. 

Today, it has been over a week with this energy and happiness.  Sure, there is still pain, Sam threw up while taking his chemo, and somethings still require more help than before.  But he walks without the pushchair more often, and we have seen and heard our Sammy again...singing, dancing, "beating up Daddy", and even having a good old argument with Jack (I actually missed that).  At the clinic today, Dr. Cole told us this was more normal but to expect some setbacks at times...sure, I can take "at times" if this is the NORMAL we can hope to expect more often. Sam, with his whole two weeks of Kindergarten for the entire year, is now reading some sight words and has a new hobby....wordsearches!!!!  He blows me away with his determination to be a reader.   I have LOVED this week more than I can ever express, I have seen my Sammy back, my Jack challenging me in a game of strategy, and my family coming together as its old self. 


  1. Did you guys EVER deserve that special snow day, and how special YOU are to be grateful for what is happening right in the moment. Hugs to all.


  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed your Snowday, and that Sammy is enjoying his 'word searches'. He's such an incredibly brave boy, and I'm so proud of him... proud of you all, in fact! It's terrific that Sammy's been chosen to lead the "Light the Night" foundation. Wonderful news, and he certainly deserves it. I never cease to marvel at how amazing you all are throughout all of this. What a fantastic American family I have! Just wish this English nana could be there for you all. Please give Sammy and Jack a huge hug from me. xxx


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