Monday, December 13, 2010

The Danny Fund
Today Brian called at a friend's house to pick up gift for the boys and a gift card from The Danny Fund to the boys (and us) to celebrate 'guilt free' over the holidays.  We are not to use it for copays or bills.  It is such a wonderful gesture!  My favorite gift, however, was the news that the money that was raised at the Super Sammy Dance Festival Day...previously mentioned - orange T-shirts everywhere...TV interviews...donations from the kids etc. was being used to help three families in need. 

I cannot express how good it felt to be helping someone else.  Knowing that we are not just 'taking' from others, but also contributing again.  It is especially important that it is through the Danny Fund as they really help keep people afloat when health issues threaten to rip family finances apart.  We could not have stayed financially afloat without their help. 

Now, am I glad for the wrong reasons, I ask myself?  Do I dislike my inability to cope on my own so much, I jump at the chance to help others to make myself feel better?  Looking inward, really going deep inside myself, I think I do feel a sense of relief we are able to be 'helpers' rather than 'takers'.  Does that make me a bad person?  Not sure...but this is my reflection:  when one goes through more than one can usually cope with, it is a necessary survival strategy to welcome the aid and generosity of others.  My dear friend, Gina, who has been through this herself, told me in the very early days, "Take all the help you can get and give back later. People genuinely want to help you."   I have never taken this help and love for granted, but,boy, it sure feels better to be on the giving side again. 

So, to psycho-analyze myself a little further...I don't think I'm a bad person, just a relieved mother.  We are at a different stage and can be more aware of others again.  I am seeing HUGE lists of people to thank....all of whom I intended to immediately and then got sidetracked by yet another bad phase or reaction to meds.  I have not got that excuse any more.  I am free to be me again to a much greater extent.

Therefore, I am now a "helper with a need for some help".  I am a "friend who needs her good friends also"....I am a mother of a very sick child who is coming through the other side of Hell and can understand what it is like to be there...I can help...I can empathize...I can DO something for others...I can be ME!  Thank you, Danny Fund, for giving me the gift of feeling like ME again.


  1. So, so, so beautiful! You are the most giving person I can think of - you give of yourself, your time, your recources. I don't know how you do it, or where it all comes from. I just hope I can learn from you. Take each day as it comes and keep everything in the moment (JUST BREATHE). I can't thank you enough for your comments on my blog yesterday. They filled me with such love and gratitude (and a whopping handful of perspective)! I got a new REVERB10 prompt today about "Appreciation" and you are my inspiration (I hope you don't mind)


    Your new friend, Shannon

  2. Katy,
    I think as the year comes to an end its natural for a person to take stock in what we have, and where we are as a person. Its the nurturing part of who you are, to want to reach out to others, it is soooo hard to be the receiver. As a mother, it goes against every part of our being to have someone take care of us. I agree with Gina, now is the time to let others do for you. There will be plenty of time for you to give back later. You have been open and welcoming to everyone since the first day Sammy was sick, that is a gift that you have given to all of us, the gift to let us be apart of your family and help! So kick back, take a breath, and enjoy those gifts from the Danny Fund. <3
    Love ya,


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