Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ER - I Spoke Too Soon!

Sammy looked exceedingly red in the face as I arrived home this afternoon.  I immediately took his temperature and it was 100.0.  We knew it was going to rise but waited as sometimes it actually goes back to normal.  Nope!  We hit 101.4 about twenty minutes later so it was a call to CHAM.  Luckily we are able to take him to the ER in Stamford.  We expect Sammy will be accessed, blood drawn and counts checked, then antibiotics will be administered and Sammy will come home again sometime tonight and revisit the ER for the next round of antibiotics in 24 hours.  Hopefully!

Brian has just called, they are being seen.  (Brian's turn for the ER.) He asked about the Flu shot and the type of port Sammy has (a port-a cath).  I now need to call him back to make sure he tells them Sammy has allergic reactions to the antibiotics.  Sometimes it's easier for me to just be there, not because Brian can't do it, but because I get all 'controlly' and call him every five minutes with orders...mothering instinct is my excuse. 

So tonight we will see what happens.  Hopefully nothing will be too serious and Sammy will be okay for New Year...his first remark after hearing he had a fever was, "What will happen if I miss the party?"  I told him we would still hold one once he was better....and we will!


  1. I'm thinking about your guys, and sending positive thoughts of good health and a speedy recovery. x, Shannon

  2. Good luck with everything. Hugs and kisses to Sammy.


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