Saturday, December 18, 2010

Date Night

Sammy is on steroids again.  I think we notice it all so much more because the rest of the time is relatively okay, but steroid week is so hard on him.  Each time it hits, we still get a little shell shocked; I think we always will.  We have about 12 more to go...not bad considering...but I still don't want to wish for next October to arrive too quickly as we want to savour every day of the boys' childhood - the good and the bad.

We had plans to see the new Tron movie today.  Sammy was not feeling up to it, however, so evening came and Jack went with Brian and his friend to see the movie.  Sammy was content to miss it rather than struggle through feeling rough, but we promised we would take him next week when he felt better.  Sammy had the inevitable munchies that go along with the steroids.  He is known to have pizza bagels for breakfast and very strange swings with food cravings.  He suddenly started to beg me to take him to the 'Red Diner' for dinner.  I agreed, no problem with going, just wanted to make sure he really would eat the food.  I could see the inner turmoil he was going through about the food decision.  He is a very mature young man in some ways and I could tell he was unsure about being able to eat at the diner.  Steroid rush kicked in and I could see him getting even more upset.  He was so confused about what "his body would let him eat"!  I suggested he think of other places we could go on a 'date'.  Suddenly his eyes lit up...the Japanese place!  There was no denying I could tell that was the place he wanted, no question about it in his mind or body.  I agreed...who could deny such a request? 

Historically, eating out on steroids leads to melt-downs and angst. We leave quickly and food is barely touched.    Sammy was initially very jumpy about the fact we had to walk past the tables to get tot the hostess station.  He was almost in tears that we were not going to sit in the regular section - steroids!  Then, the mood changed direction out of nowhere.  As we sat down, Sammy immediately engaged in hilarious banter about the restaurant and his need to have 1. chopsticks, 2. soda, 3. a spoon, and 4. water.  He was incredibly polite with the waitresses and actually began to 'hold court' as the meal began.  Every typically cheesy joke the chef at the Hibachi table usually makes; "Japanese ketchup", "Japanese egg roll", etc. was made by Sammy, beating the chef to the punchline every time.  Then Sammy created an entire story out of the fried rice being cooked in front of us.  The people sharing our table were in stitches with laughter. 

The merry conversation continued, the polite requests made of the chef and waitresses continued, there was no sign of the steroids at all...oh, except for the fact Sam managed to consume both his and my soup, fried rice, and shrimp appetizer, as well as his own meal! 

We were on a fun Mummy-Sammy date and all was so good.  I enjoyed Sam's company and I think he enjoyed mine too.  He thanked me for the date and said it was so fun, we should think of where we were going to go next time.  He didn't pick up the bill...but I can forgive that, I'm a modern kinda gal!    The meal ended just in time for a new wave of steroid angst to kick in...but at least we had a marvelous time together before rolling home, administering the next dose of steroids and chemo, and snuggling up together in Sam's bed until he fell asleep, something he needs during his first week of the cycle. 

Now, Sammy is sleeping, the odd sigh coming from him as he rests, his beautiful eyes closed and his blond hair lying wild on the pillow.  Tomorrow we face more irritability, confusion over food and general crankiness, but tonight was a fun date night...thanks Sammy :),

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  1. What a wonderful moment. Thanks for sharing the story of your date night. Makes me want to do that same after I've kicked this flu bug (sushi doesn't sound that great right now)! :)


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