Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Sammy bounced back nicely from five horrendous steroid days.  He is at camp as I his own request...playing sports, swimming, watching movies and generally being a kid!  I am so happy camp is possible this week.  We have also signed him up for swimming lessons every Saturday.  We are going for normal while we can.

So the camp is at the Italian Center and is, in no way shape or form,  a special camp for kids with cancer.  My mummy radar is up at all times, checking for the vibe that tells me to break land-spead records to get to the IC to rescue my chid from some major catastrophe such as a foam ball to the head!

I am also beaming with pride that my little man has continued to be so independent and confident.  His brother is not doing the camp with him due to a high fever and some kind of yucky virus.  See Jack's own blog for details.

Independence has always been a strength of Sammy's.  Being restricted in so many ways must have driven him crazy over the past year and a half.  We are open to giving him as many opportunities as we can to continue being 'normal' and enjoying new experiences.  I WILL swallow my angst and deal with it...what's the worst that can happen?  And kids do get bumps and's part of being a kid so why deprive Sammy of these rites of passage?

Yesterday, Sammy returned home rather achy and tired but happy.  He had made 'friends'...he was not willing to actually ask them their  names, but hey, at least he got to interact with kids!  He also really wanted to be signed up again for today,  so we did...I think/hope we are seeing the beginning of a more sporty Sammy emerge!

I do not know what today will bring...Sammy was very stiff this morning but happy and eager to get to camp.  As I waved goodbye, he was in the midst of a group game of dodgeball....oh yay!  and having a blast.

This is a big development for us as a family.


  1. Kids need sports and the freedom to challenge themselves beyond restrictions that OUR fears may place on them. My blog echoed yours in some respects today. (what's the worst that can happen? haha) Here's to giving our children wings and the freedom to fly!

  2. I will need to come back when I have more time to spend looks like you are on an incredible journey and I can't wait to read more!

  3. Hi Lisa and Terra,
    Sammy ended up feeling stiff but very happy about his two camp days.

    Lisa, you are so right about us giving our kids freedom and a chance to challenge themselves beyond our restrictions.

    Terra, Thanks so much for dropping by. I love your blog. Mine is much less 'fun' but an essential part of my ability to stay sane at the moment.

    katy xxx


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