Monday, February 7, 2011

Jack's Birthday

Today I am going to dedicate to my beautiful Jack who celebrates turning nine. Today is not his actual birthday, but I was, happily, too busy doing birthday stuff to blog and way too tired by the end of the day to even consider turning on the laptop!

First, let me express my utter shock that I have a nine year old. Where have the years gone? I know some of you with older kids will be laughing inwardly at what I have yet to 'look forward to" as the teenage years grow closer.

It only seems like yesterday I was carrying Peanut inside me, hoping he would stop trying to emerge into the world before his due date. (Jack wanted to come out at a mere 24 weeks!)

So I now have this amazing child; strongly affected by the events over the last year and a half, I have no doubt, who is tall, athletic, and good looking...yes, I am his mummy so I can boast a little, but others have told me so too! He is kind and considerate to the extent boys his age can be, and he is competitive with, yet protective of his brother.

Jack desperately wanted an XBox game console this year. While we have strict rules about the amount of 'game' time the kids have each week, we decided to make this birthday a time to spoil him a little. (Yes, guilt at not being able to keep Jack protected from the whole "Super Sammy: most famous and talked about kid in Jack's universe" has played a HUGE part in that too.) The proviso was that we would not throw a huge party as we were putting the money into the gift instead. So....we had a sleepover party....what were we thingking?????

In actual fact, it was a great success. Jack invited a friend from school and his best friend in the world EVER, M to stay over. The gametime rule went out the window and the boys XBoxed the day away until dinner at the Hibachi restaurant, followed by a family/friend movie session.

The morning after consisted of homemade pancakes and pinata fun! It is amazing how much fun the boys had with the five dollars worth of junky toys can keep four boys happy for a long time!
Jack did comment later that he might not be up for a sleepover for a while as he really needed more peace and quiet to get a good nights sleep...bless him!

Here are the snapshots of the big weekend event:

Guess who put the 9 on backwards!!!  We fixed it just in time.


  1. these pictures are wonderful, my nephew's are both gorgeous boys, and Jack looks SOOOOO grown up,and very handsome!! sending all my love across the miles Auntie Susie oxoxoxoxoxox <3 xxxx <3

  2. Awww, nine; he’s just slightly older than my nephew. A big happy birthday to Jack :)

  3. I wanted you to know that you are featured in my blog post today "Joy in the Morning."

    And happy birthday to Jack! We have a Jack in our family, too!

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. I will share with Jack as he often feels a little left out of this blog...not that he gets to read it...but he knows it exists.

    Galen, I am honored by your mention and thought your words were beautiful. The whole post was elegant and so heartfelt. Nothing compares to a mother, such as yourself, struggling with such things.

  5. I love the use of the "light-saber" on the pinata. I think we have a dozen of those around our house. A very happy birthday to Jack - I bet he was out of his mind when he got the xBox. I know Aidan was when santa brought one this year. Hope all is well- been traveling of late and now trying to play catch up with my blog reading and commenting :)
    Lots of love to you, S

  6. Happy Birthday to JACK!! Only a year til "double digits"...then you'll really feel old! lol A Swedish custom is to congratulate the parents of the birthday child. So here's to you!


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