Saturday, February 26, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Sammy had his first swimming lesson today.  I was delighted to see the camp counselor from the previous camp days arrive at the door to greet the kids: I did not have to go through the whole, "Hi, this is Sammy. He has leukemia," thing again.

The kids divided into two groups and off they went.  Sammy limped on the land, but glided along with power and grace in the water.  His disability no longer showed, in fact he excelled within the group!   I was a very proud mummy.

Sammy must have some charm because he had gone into the lesson convinced he was going to persuade the instructor to let him dive (well jump in off the board).  Diving is not on the agenda for the Beginning I class, but sure enough at the end of the lesson seven little ducklings were jumping off the board with glee. I have a feeling this kid will go far!


  1. HI Sammy
    My name is Jenna and I came across your site. U are an amazing brave courageous fighter. U are an amazing hero. I was born with a rare life threatening disease. My site://

  2. Sammy is so glad you found us. We read your blog and are amazed at your courage and grace.
    Much love,
    Katy xxx

  3. I'm so glad Sammy had a great time at camp! It sounds like a wonderful place. By the way, you came up in conversation recently. I was talking with another mom who has dealt with parenting challenges. We were comparing notes and I brought you into the mix. Reminds me of a post I wrote about Mary (mother of Jesus). The title was Mary was a Real Mother! I can't remember if you read it. Here is the link.

    At any rate, just wanted to stop by and say hi and see what Sammy was up to.

  4. Galen,
    You have lifted my spirits on more than one occasion. Thank goodness I found your blog.


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