Sunday, November 13, 2011

No More Words!

Now that we are in the 'after treatment' phase, I am lost for words most of the time.  Sammy's port comes out tomorrow and then we become monthly visitors for blood work, have cognitive and vital organ testing each year, and basically plod on with life.  Cool!

But I wanted to put into words how I felt about this journey and I couldn' I cheated and made a slideshow with a song that helps me say it all.  We triumphed over adversity and had a whole lotta love along the way to keep us going.

Love boat captain
Take the reigns and steer us towards the clear,... here.
It's already been sung, but it can't be said enough.
All you need is love

Is this just another phase? Earthquakes making waves,...
Trying to shake the cancer off? Stupid human beings,...
Once you hold the hand of love,.. it's all surmountable.

Love Boat Captain
Pearl Jam


  1. Well, you know you should hand out tissues with a post like this! I'm sure all your readers are giddy with delight and gratitude that you have nothing to say, at least on this blog! So do you think you will change the focus of this blog, or do you think you will shift your attention to your other blogs? Because as happy as we are that you have no more treatment news, I'm sure you still have a lot to say about life, and we'd like to hear it!

  2. Ok, I reeeeeally needed to see this video tonight. I'm opening weeping, watching the difficult journey you've all been through. I sure wish Sammy lived he could visit my guy...and prove it CAN be done!... and PARTY with us when we are also finished. (Thank you for your quick comment. You know how much they mean.)
    HUGS to you ALL.
    Amy and Family


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