Saturday, November 12, 2011

Light the Night

Superman Sammy was a wonderful Honored Patient at this year's Light the Night walk at Playland.  We had so many people come to support us, including friends form work, our neighborhood (even  though many had moved away), and as far as from California and Florida!!!  There were many orange t. shirts showing Sammy much love that night.

LPAC danced again and wowed the audience, and the overall turnout was excellent.  We have raised $8500 to date and there is more to come.

Sammy was cold and tired by the time he needed to go on stage...we had partied the night before with all our friends from near and he was not as on form as usual once on stage.  He did well, however, and I spoke for him and talked about our journey, and how much I want the road we are all traveling on to be CLOSED for more cancer!!!

Sammy and I had been videoed earlier in the day to promote LTN and Sammy was also interviewed by News 12 Westchester.  He really is getting to be an old pro at the celebrity thing!

Walking was wonderful, surrounded by so many people who were there to support us as well as the Warriors.  Peter had returned home from college to be there and was as much an inspiration as ever.  He really is the vision of hope that drives parents forward.

Final numbers and amounts have yet to be counted..I will let you know as soon as they are.  But for now, here are some pictures of the night:

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