Thursday, June 16, 2011


The survival rate for children with leukemia has improved greatly.  This cancer, as with many others, still has not been eradicated and there has yet to be a full-on cure found.  As I have been posting my mad musings about Sammy's battle with leukemia, I have made some amazing friends, and learned about some truly wonderful children who bravely face things we cannot imagine having to endure.

Sadly, one of our little friends passed away.  He lived in Australia and his last wish was for a birthday celebration.  He chose, with parental/medical guidance, to stop treatment.  Colby had reached remission five times and still the cancer continued to rear its ugly head.  All routes were tried, but Colby wanted peace.  He is now resting, pain free, away from clinics and poisons.  The grandfather of another little warrior (Tianah - also Australian) wrote this poem to honor Colby. He gave me permission to share it:

The Angels came on golden wing,
To take our mate away.
They held him close to their breast
To give us time to pray.
"Come," they said our little one
"Come with us and rest."
"You have fought a battle brave,
It's time that you were blessed."
It's always hard to understand why children pass away.
But keep our mate always safe of this our God we pray.
Colby was a gentle soul
A delight to all who met.
A special kind of person who no one will forget.
Colby now looks down from above
Smiling on the ones he loves.

by Neil Berry

With love to you, Colby.  xxx

Neil just sent me his account of Colby's funeral which was today.  I cried so much reading it.  Colby will be remembered as a very special little boy.

Colby's funeral was at 2:00 pm today (Friday). As you can understand, it was a very emotional time.. I hope you don't mind if I describe it to you:... Colby's funeral was held at "The Star Of The Sea" church at Cleveland. (about 20 minutes from home). He was in a white casket. On top of the casket were the flowers, as well as a little football jersey from a local business, and a fire brigade hat from the local fire station. There was also a beautiful photo of Colby smiling. Two fire engines turned up, and three members of the fire brigade were also there in the congregation. A slide-show of little Colby was shown on a screen with background music. The slide-show documented Colby's life, in and out of hospital. It was beautiful to watch, but at times I had to look away... too emotional. Every photo, whether it was of Colby in hospital, or just doing the things he enjoyed, he had a beautiful smile on his face... After the slide-show, the three members of the firebrigade walked to the dais, to give their respects, and tell funny little stories about their time spent with Colby. (Colby loved turning on the siren and flashing lights of the fire truck when they used to drop around to visit him at home and take him for a ride. :-). After they had finished speaking, they presented his mum with a teddy bear dressed in a little fireman's outfit, as well as a proper fire hat, and a special engraved plaque making Colby an honorary fireman.... After the church service, a police escort of three motor cycles and two fire engines led the cortege to the "Great Southern Gardens Of Remembrance", where we were all given a yellow balloon to release into the sky. We then formed a guard of honour to farewell Colby. The wake was held at the Cleveland Sands Hotel, where stories about Colby were shared...

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