Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Principal for the Day

Each year a family donates money to the Danny Fund to fundraise and have their child be Principal of the Day.  This year an anonymous family donated in Sammy's name.  He became Principal Zweig last Friday. He looked so handsome all dressed up in his suit and tie and we cut his hair to smarten up the 'mad professor' look he had going (that is another story)!

Dr. R, the school Principal, welcomed Mr. Zweig and the two of them ran the school.  Sammy made announcements over the PA...the most popular one was "No homework tonight or Monday!"  Everyone, myself included, was very surprised at how articulate and confident Sammy sounded on the speaker.  He really sounded like a mature fifth grader.  He went on the rounds of the classrooms and stopped by my class to ask what the students were learning that day.

The representatives from the Danny Fund came in about 10:30 for the photo shoot.  Sammy took it all in his stride.  He shook hands and thanked people...I think he is a born leader....and posed very nicely for the camera.

By the end of the day, Sammy was tired...not so much from being Principal, but because of all the attention he was getting.  I think he loved every minute of it, however...he said the whole day only seemed like two hours :)


  1. What a great day for Sammy! He looks very grown up!!

  2. Wow, Sammy looks great in the suit!!, and we are so happy his "two hour" day was fun. We'll think of Sammy tonight as Jace walks his Survivors' Lap at our Local Relay for Life!
    The Leathams

  3. As a teacher, I would WELCOME SuperSammy as principal! I'm glad he had such a great day...who says school can't be FUN!?! *HUGS*


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