Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This week marked the beginning of summer for the family.  Usually this is the week we spend time together, catching up on little things around the house, and basically heaving a huge sigh of relief that we get some down time.  After the first week, Brian usually begins work and I get to have fun with the kids.

This summer did not begin in such a wonderful way.  Sammy was on week one...steroids...and you all know what that means by now!  Unfortunately, Sammy wasn't the only one with 'roid rage' as Brian had been put on them to try to sort out an ongoing issue with his breathing and sense of smell.  Having both on steroids was beyond words....poor Brian was in shock over how badly they made him feel.  The worst part, however, was seeing the sadness in Brian's eyes as he realized exactly what our little man has been enduring for almost two years.  There is a new sense of admiration and understanding that only someone who has been on the 'evil poison' can understand.

On top of that, Sammy now faces several tests to check for issues relating to his infections and his inability to walk properly.  Sunday was MRI day.  I took him down to CHAM and we went through the labyrinth beneath the hospital to the 'Silver Zone" where the MRI department is located.  Upon arrival the receptionist took a quick look at little Sammy in his stroller (legs not working well that day) and aaked..."There is no sedation today so can he keep still?"  I took a moment to wrap my head around this greeting and then replied, "Well, he's seven....I have no idea....but he's fine with the open MRI."

Now, one would think that a hospital would understand that scheduling a child for an MRI would automatically be better off if it were done in the open MRI chamber.  Nope!  AND, one would think that, given it is the parents' responsibility, apparently, to know that in order to get said open MRI, they have to request it themselves, that more information would be provided so parents can make said request!  NOPE!  Then, to add to the insult, the only day a child cannot be sedated is Sunday, so they decided to schedule Sammy for that very day!!! Genius!

Well, I have to say my Sammy was amazing.  He was totally freaked out and cried and stressed at first.  I  was, thankfully, allowed to be in the room with him (I am a great candidate for radiation induced cancer at this point) and I found the best way to comfort him was to stick my head down the chamber and stroke his thinning hair while shouting at the top of my lungs to be heard above the noise.

What a sight we were.  Little feet sticking out one end, and my fat bum sticking out the other!  It was a pretty comical image to picture once it was over.  While I was 'in' the machine, I found that I owed Sammy a bagel from his favorite bagel shop, a special late night, and Nana Haze now has to take him to the toy store to reward his bravery...ha ha...finally got out of having to do it myself :)

Once again I am in awe of my son and his ability to work through his fears and overcome them.  He was terrified in that machine, feeling claustrophobic and convinced it would break, but he did not once need to stop or come out.  He saw it through and all the tests were complete.  He's sick of testing but knows there are more to come...tomorrow in fact.  Hopefully I will have news about the MRI results too.

Tomorrow Sam will have a TENS machine checking his muscle and nerves.  He will then have acupuncture needles all over his legs.  I am not sure how we are going to get through this one...but we will.  I know Sammy will become master over his terror and we will do the tests.  He will gather up his strength and demonstrate his ability to be 'relentless' in fighting his cancer.  This is his new word...he read it on the LLS bangle he was handed at the BBQ we attended tonight.  As we were leaving he quietly said to me:

"Mummy, I am not going to give up.  I am sick of all the tests and treatment but I am going to keep going.  I am going to kick cancer's a-s-s and if it comes back, I'm going to kick it again!"

I love my son, my hero!  ( And no, I didn't tell him off for spelling ASS!)

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  1. Well, if anyone could kick cancer's a-s-s, that would be Sammy. I went with a friend once who had to get an MRI. She lasted all of 2 minutes before having to come out. And she was an adult! So yay for Sammy's relentless courage! I'm sorry you are going through a difficult time of tests and steroids.


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