Wednesday, June 15, 2011

School Dance Festival

Last year the school held a big Super Sammy Day, turning the annual Dance Festival into a fundraiser for the Danny Fund.  This year we got to enjoy being a little more 'regular' as both Jack and Sam danced in their grade level dances and both were treated just like any other kid in the school.  We all loved that, not that we are ungrateful for the love and support showered upon us last year, but being normal is very dear to us all nowadays.

Of course, Sammy didn't so much dance as limp around.  But he enjoyed every minute of it, crazy thinning spiky hair and all!  Jack got a lot of attention from me as I was able to focus more on him and less on the media frenzy of last year.  I will post some more of his pictures on his blog.

As the end of the school year draws closer, activities galore are in store.  Sammy has already had his class below.  Jack has his Chocolate Fever party (After reading the book Chocolate Fever, the third graders have a grade level picnic with a chocolate theme.  They even get chocolate spots which can only be 'cured' by vanilla pills!)  Both boys have Field Day to enjoy.  Both are on the Gold Team....we will see how Sammy copes with the challenges of team sports, Jack will be his usual sporty, competitive self :)

We have the baseball picnic, the baseball banquet, and the Montefiore day at Playland to look forward to.  I will try to post pictures and mini-rundowns as we go. That is, IF I survive all this insanity!!!!!

Class Picnic

Sitting with friends

Picnic Beach Ball Fun!

Dance Festival

Dancing with Partner

Friends since Pre-aschool!

Jack being.....well, Jack!


  1. What a doll! Wow, you are incredibly busy! I am grateful school finished here in the middle of May. Enjoy! Love the Sam pictures!!!!

  2. SUMMERTIME! Here's to a wonderfully, fun, happy, and memorable time! Hugs...Lisa

  3. Susan, great to hear from you. This is our busiest time as teachers/parents...but it is good to be having fun! You are so lucky to be done already:)
    Hi Lisa, hope things are going well with you all....I've been thinking of you a lot. xxx


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