Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today was the best day since diagnosis. Brian had messaged me during the day to tell me Sammy was eating and more lively. I was delighted to hear he had eaten a waffle and then asked for another one! When Jack and I came home, it was like seeing my old Sam back again, just with much thinner hair :)

Sam was initially asleep when we arrive back but it was late due to a staff meeting so Brian woke him up to have his medicine. Brian was concerned that Sam's mood would be bad after the long nap, but was very surprised when Sam , covering his face with his blanket, threw it off to reveal he was pulling a funny face and waving his hands at his ears! He was having fun!

The rest of the evening consisted of Sam, (Jack played at M's (best friend)), getting down to some time with Mummy, putting more thank you cards in envelopes, looking online for his Christmas wish list, walking back and forth around the house doing various 'clean ups' and helping Mummy, and even eating a FULL bowel of pasta and tomato sauce followed by a big dollop of icecream!!!!! I was the happiest I have been in ages.

Sam helped to clear the table, then showed me his sticker book he created with Spongebob stickers. Each page had the Spongebob characters doing something that told a was very clever. Sam then retold his story as his brother came and sat with us to listen.

Teeth brushing was fairly easy, but Sam did mention sores in his mouth, so we were extra careful. Then we had to clean up all the food that was left from diner on his cheeks and chin...good to see again. Jack, during the toothbrushing, was reading his book from the library aloud to was all very "family together"!

Upstairs, I had snuggle time with Sam! The first in over a week. Although I have been too sick to go close, I always offered to stay in the other bed and talk, but Sam always said he was too tired and wanted to be left alone. Tonight, he was a veritable chatterbox, as I lay beside him soaking in every moment. He told me all about the game he invented, "Ghost Numbers", where he draws a number, folds the paper and I have to try to guess the number and draw it exactly the same as he did. The challenge goes up to one million!!! This conversation went on a long time with an animated Sammy telling me all the rules. It then turned into a whole role playing game where I had to find the trophy hidden in treasure chest in the cave. His imagination was running wild.

Snuggling with Jack, who still sleeps in our bed so Sammy does not wake him or catch anything, we played a game of Guess the Number and I lost 3 to 0. Many snuggles later, I kissed both boys goodnight and went downstairs. Within about fifteen minutes, Sam was down, asking for a drink of apple juice...he hasn't wanted that for weeks. I obliged willingly, panicking a little about the teeth, but feeling I could justify it totally. We then snuggled on the couch, ostensibly for a few minutes, when Sam asked if he could draw. He was wide awake, hyper almost compared to two days ago, and I knew he wasn't about to fall asleep upstairs. We settled down to drawing at the dinning room table and I felt transported back in time. There was Sam, drawing a picture with his usual intent look and his tongue poking out as it did when he was concentrating. The photos are the results of the drawing activity...I just had to capture this moment. The Spongebob was the one he saw online earlier that evening; he even drew the back of him on the back of the paper.

Finally I said it was time for bed...I didn't want to push it even though I could have been there all night. Sam asked if he could write a list of things he wanted to do the next day..procrastinator! I spelled out the letters for him as he wrote his list. It is included in the pictures. He was very good at writing considering he's only had 3 days of Kindergarten!

By 10:03, Sammy was heading up the stairs to bed...I was in a state of bliss, knowing that I need to cherish these moments. We lay in bed together briefly as I gave him time to finish asking questions and end the night without rush. I then kissed his forehead, whispered Ti amo, our usual goodnight , and went down stars with a smile. I know this is not going to last, but I know know it can happen...something I thought I would never see again just the other night. It has given me more confidence and hope.

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