Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Normal..Kind Of!

Sam completed his big dose of chemo at the hospital. He tolerated the high dose Methotrexate well and also started oral 6 mercaptopurine. Saturday night was a disaster as he had bad pains in his belly...enough for him to ask to see the doctor (this is a big flag as he always asks that the doctors go away)! Sammy also had vomiting and the pain grew so bad and X ray was ordered. Finally, after being up all night, the blood work could not be collected as his line was blocked!!! What fun :)

Sunday, Brian came in to take over so I could take Jack home. Jack and I went out to dinner at the local diner and had fun just begin together. We really did have a good conversation about the stuff kids like. Sam was also much more upbeat when I left so I relaxed and let myself indulge in some Jack time.

Monday...good news. Sam's body had got rid of enough Methotrexate for him to come off the Leucovorine, (the antidote for the methotrexate) and come home. Nana Susie took Jack home after school so he could watch the 4:00 Yankee game (they lost) and I could go to CHAM to help get Sam home. The port had not been de-accessed so I walked in the room to a screaming Sam, terrified of the sticky coming off then the needle being taken out. (Reasonable fears if you ask me!) I persuaded him to let me soak it with the magic oil and then asked the nurses to pretend to cover it in the numbing cream to stop it the needle removal being painful. Sammy ended up being the main person gently unsticking the HUGE dressing with the magic un-sticky wipes. Finally the nurse, Lindsey, who had been very patient, leaped in and out it all came. Sam announced he had been REALLY scared but it actually didn't hurt. I wish he would remember that next time.

The evening consisted of the four of us and Nana Susie at home eating Chinese and Japanese while watching the defeat of the Yankees. Sam looked good, just an itchy head and mild rash on his neck, Jack had a stinky cold, Brian was exhausted and I was in need of sleep but loving having everyone home.

Today the rash developed to all over Sam's torso and he has red raised spots on his lower legs. Dr. Moody, on call, suggested we give Benadryl and go to the clinic Wednesday morning instead of Thursday. Feeling that things were not completely crazy, I actually headed out to dance class for the first time since diagnosis. It was great!!!!!

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