Friday, October 23, 2009

ER !

So things can cause little hiccups! Being that it is flu season, I should not have been so surprised to find out Sammy needs Tamiflu and a little extra TLC as he has the symptoms...but no actual flu yet! Here's how we found out:
Due to the rash, Sammy had visited the clinic at CHAM on Wednesday instead of waiting for Thursday. I love how they don't wait around :) No issues with the rash and blood counts were good. Wednesday night we had fever but it was very low grade. The doctor on call (Dr. Moody) who I feel very comfortable with, felt we could stay home but needed to keep checking Sam's temperature and call if it increased.

Thursday was low key and no fever...until about 4pm when Brian, being the amazing daddy he is, noticed a change in Sam and took his temp. He had spiked a fever which could not be ignored and we called CHAM...time to go to the ER! I had just arrived back from work, so changed into 'civies' and packed for admission, computer and video games included.

Sam and I walked into the was like being in a scene from a movie...a sea of people, all sick and desperate to be seen, the room was filled to overflowing. Panicking due to Sam's weakened immune system, my eyes only saw germs...EVERYWHERE! I had to get him away from this deadly place. A nurse cam out of the triage booth and I explained who Sam was and that he was a Hemonc (hematology and oncology)patient...he was whizzed through the door faster than I could blink!

Sam was very scared of the ER. It was dark, being in the basement of the hospital, and there was a sense of unrest and almost a coldness to it. The staff were okay, but very rushed and we both really missed our 'friends' on the ninth floor. We were very much just faces in the crowd, no kind words or even comments on how well Sam was doing..considering. Just basic coverage to ensure he was treated medically.

Sometimes you really want to punch someone when you are feeling totally fed-up with the lot you are given...I met that person in the ER. One of the nurses was curt in his manner and did not inspire confidence in his ability due to minor things such as dropping equipment. He was the 'chosen one' putting Sam's line into his port and although I had quite clearly stated how important it was that this be handled carefully so Sam was not any more scared than he needed to be, the nurse proceeded to hover the (large) needle right in front of Sam's eyes for an eternity. I had to think quickly and managed to divert Sam's attention by discussing games to buy for the DS...two new games were owed before the line was attached.

The relationship between us and the nurse worsened as the hours went on. I had been very pleased to see Dr. Roth drop by and he assured us that the line could stay attached, as Sam needed to visit the clinic the next day (antibiotics were administered and a nose-swap came back clear so he did not have to be admitted). The nurse, however, was ranting around the floor saying his name was on the line too and he wanted the policy of removing it to be upheld. The ER doctor and our good ol' Dr. Roth both agreed it could stay in, but we were forced to wait an additional two hours while the debate was resolved (including a phone call to Dr. Roth - which I insisted on). His attitude was awful each time I approached him for information, basically treating me like a major pain in the butt! I really wanted to take my anger out on this guy!

Five O'clock am rolled by and we finally made our way out of the ER. In seven hours Sam would be back in CHAM but this time,thankfully, in the caring arms of the clinic nurses. Brian let me sleep while he ferried Jack to school and Sam to the clinic that afternoon. Sam had flu-like symptoms and was put on Tamiflu as a precaution. I need Valium at the very least!

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