Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Better Day

So I guess I was feeling a little sorry for myself yesterday! I don't blame me, I also don't doubt it will happen many more times too. But today is a better day; Sammy was smiling and even playing games in the bath..giving me HUGE doses of pretend medicine...WITHOUT the chocolate syrup...yuck! I smiled a lot today.

First of all, being off with bronchitis gave me the chance to keep Jack off too and take him to be checked out. We had a great time, despite him also having bronchitis, and I found myself marveling at how handsome and grown up he was becoming. I reveled in having a chance just to stare at my oldest child and soak him in. We also purchased some silver ballet shoes and green glitter for his Halloween costume...he's going to be Tinkerbell: tutu, wings, tiara and all! We had a great time gluing the glitter all over the shoes. I personally think his choice of costume is an attempt to steal back the limelight a little. I don't blame him, and we are all very excited for him to make his grand entrance on Friday in his class. Now we are both on antibiotics and returning to school tomorrow.

Sammy had a great visit to the clinic with Brian. The latter had written down all the answers to my endless list of questions I sent in with them. Everything was 'normal' for this early stage. It has only been 6 weeks!!!!! He is neutropenic for sure, but his counts are within the 'good' range of low. The good news really picked me up and I felt back to the regular state of 'automatic' mode that has developed in recent weeks.

Sammy was more lively today, meaning he was willing to do more while sitting on the couch. He was very excited to help me, or rather, to independently put the 'thank you' cards together, add the address labels, and write his name in big red marker on the back of every envelope. He got though about 15 cards in all. Quite remarkable as he did all the work himself. I was so happy to be sitting with him, actually nearer than I had dared in the last few days.

Bath time was hilarious. Sam had to soak off the sticky dressing that sealed his unused Num Num cream over his port (he didn't need transfusions so he wasn't accessed). He asked for toys so I brought in some of the things we use for medicine: syringe, measuring cups, larger cups in which we give him his 12 mls of meds 2x per day, and a spoon just like the ones he uses to s-l-o-w-l-e-y sip the liquid concoction (sometimes taking 2 hours). I did not know how it was going to pan out, but Sam immediately announced that I was to get lots of medicine...as you already know!

Sam then announced that he wanted a family dinner and I suggested some ideas...he went for corn, rice and hotdogs. (Brian and I had lamb chops instead.) I needed to go to the local store - Mrs. Greens for organic (I wanted to get back to that) and pick up sundries. While Jack and I were at the store, no longer than 20 minutes, Sam took ALL his medicine!!!!! I hope the bath experience helped him somewhat. I made sure to show him how jealous I was that he got to have chocolate syrup with his medicine :)

Dinner was great, Sam left the couch, and we tucked in. Immediately Sam was upset that he didn't like any of the foods, things he normally enjoys. The only answer was that the medicine was turning his tastebuds and that things would get better soon. Once again, Sammy was eating yogurt..his only food for the last week. I did get him to eat some icecream with a cone, but I ended up eating most of it..yummy!

So Sammy is okay...still afraid of missing Halloween, but we are working hard to keep him from getting another fever. I feel more able to cope again, Brian is glad to have my help back after doing almost everything for two days, and Jack is feeling a bit more like he has our attention. Today is a good day!

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