Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Update on Sammy

The steroid pulse is over for this cycle, thank goodness.  Sammy felt it was a rough deal and was typically steroidy with his moods and upsets.  Lately, his appetite has actually decreased...well, he has really been hungry but unable to decide what his body will let him eat.  We try to cook a few dishes for him when he's feeling REALLY bad but we also try the "you can be the boss of steroids so just eat what you are given" tactic too. 

Poor Sammy has also been having night accidents more recently.  I was Evil Mummy as by the third night of a midnight (or later) bed linens change, I snarled that he will not be allowed any more to drink at night and should know better as he is a  big six year old!!!  What a bitch...and yes, I felt like the worst in the world immediately afterwards.  To compound my shame, Sammy asked the next day if he could be helped to drink more water earlier so he would not upset me and get shouted at at night....I crawl into the gutter where I belong! 

Anyhow, much loving and admitting I made a mistake later, Sammy is happier and off steroids. Today was also a snow day. Sam played in the snow and built a snow fort with Jack.  I have lots of photos on my camera but cannot find my camera case with the leads to upload them.  Bother!  I will hunt it down soon, I'm sure. 

Tonight Sammy read Diary of a Wimpy Kid  out loud to me.  I am very impressed by his reading.  I believe it is a second or third grade level book.  So far the cognitive effects of chemo are at bay.  Sam is even being enriched in math at school., he is doing so well :) 

Well, this proud but painfully human Mum is off to bed.  Sammy has clinic in the morning which means leaving the house by 6am, battling the snow down to the Bronx, dropping him off, and begrudgingly leaving him to be accessed and chemo'd up for the week.  I love my little boy so much. 


  1. When my daughter was about Sammy's age she had a spell with night time accidents. Turned out that she was so tired and slept so soundly that she was unable to rouse herself from sleep to get to the bathroom. We nipped it in the bud by walking her....most likely still the bathroom so she could go before we went to bed ourselves. Those nights soon passed.
    Hang in there!

  2. Thanks, reminded me of when we walked Sammy to the bathroom too. Might start it again. The clinic took a urine sample today just to check.


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